Benefits for Sports Organisations

Grow attendances, revenues and profile by signing up today and downloading our exclusive support pack to run an environmentally themed matchday. 


Our pack and platform allows you to engage existing and new fans whilst leaving a true legacy for the planet. We also help you offset your costs as 10% of all funds raised in your Forest Garden can go towards your youth and community programmes. 


Stay ahead of government legislation, meet consumer needs and meet the principles of the United Nations ‘Sports for Climate Action Framework’ by signing up today to Play It Green. Your next step to a sustainable future. 


UN Sports for Climate Action Framework

Signing up to Play It Green and running the matchday initiative helps your sports club to meet all 5 directives of the Sports for Climate Action Framework, all completely free of charge. 

How It Works

Sign up today completely free of charge to receive your very own Forest Garden, access to support packs and take your next step towards a more sustainable future.


Following sign up there are a variety of options on how you may proceed…


  • Simply become climate aware by taking in our weekly tips, news and content. 


  • Or make your workforce climate positive, run a small campaign or boost ticket or merchandise sales by linking it to trees


  • Finally you may do something really special and run an environmentally themed matchdays leaving a lasting legacy


We also recognise sports organisations are businesses. Click here for benefits for business. 

We help your club take its next step to a sustainable future with...

“The matchday initiative is ground breaking for the sports sector and a simple way to engage fans in the issues of climate change and leave a true legacy. Most importantly it helps sports organisations to grow revenues, profile and their fanbase in a simple and cost effective way. Sign up is free. 10% of all raised revenues can go back to the sports club as we classify their community and youth work as a good cause. It is really exciting to bring something totally new to market and after two decades working in sport I know it is a perfect fit”

Chris Thair – CEO and Co-Founder Play It Green

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Sports primary focus should always be the on field action, players and athletes however it is hugely powerful and fantastic at bringing awareness and change to many societal issues such diversity, equality and mental health. We now wish to accelerate how sport engages with the climate crises and help create a more sustainable society. 


There is a reason why all major brands such as Amazon, Disney and Nike are engaging with sustainability. Research shows the under forties (Millennials and Gen Z) are the biggest consumer market going forward and they demand it of their brands. Quite simply if you are not shown to be doing something they will go elsewhere. The same group of people are also shaping the market as employees, business leaders and influencers. 


Green related government legislation is increasing e.g. SECR and banning sales of new petrol cars from 2030 and there will be more going forward with the aim of reaching net zero by 2050. 


The current climate crisis threatens everything and is ‘the’ issue of our time. Sport has the power to educate on a global level and create huge behaviour change so that the future of our planet is sustainable. 

The support pack gives you all the tools to successfully deliver an environmentally themed matchday and do so in a way which will grow your revenues, profile and fanbase. 


Here’s is an example of how it could work for you:  


1. Sign up for free and review the support pack 


2. Choose a fixture, draft the plan and set a tree planting target


3. Choose the good cause that 10% of all raised revenues will go to – this could be charity or your club for your community and youth work


4. Launch the game at least 3 month before gameday. Call it whatever you wish e.g. The Climate Game, Reach Net Zero, The Big Green One, Climate Action etc. 


5. Galvanise fans and partners in assisting you in reaching your tree planting target. Every tree bought on your forest garden will cost 50p and those who support you the most will be highlighted on your “Top 50 Leader board”.  


6. Engage the fanbase by providing a weekly tip on how to lower their carbon footprint and do social media friendly “sustainability challenges” with players and fans alike. 


7. Attract a new audience and engage existing and new partners in a different way. 


8. Win, lose or draw, celebrate on matchday as attendance and revenues are up and you have ensured many new trees have been planted leaving an all round fantastic legacy. 

Play It Green was set up to provide sports clubs and organisations with a simple and cost effective way to be more sustainable, do good and grow their brand, all whilst addressing the climate crisis.


With our values of openness, togetherness and being customer led, our platform is designed with those in mind. We will publish all purchase receipts, management meetings and revenues as we aim to be entirely open to ensure total trust. 


The team at Play It Green have years of experience both in sport and sustainability. We are driven to save the planet and have fun whilst doing it!

We take the average statistics produced scientist for each country (it varies hugely) and then offer a tree planting package that will more than offset the calculated footprints.

We understand people have different footprints, which is why we offer a number of packages to suit the person.


Employee Package: Create a Carbon Positive Workforce

  • £5 / standard employee per month – For each person it offsets their entire carbon footprint plus upto 7500 miles or 3 short haul flights per year.
  • £10 / heavy traveller employee per month – For each person it offsets the entire carbon footprint plus upto 35,000 miles or 12 short or 4 long haul flights per year.

You can see the science behind things on our science page.

At Play It Green we have kept things simple as it is so much easier to scale our (and your) impact in this way.

With that being said, if you want to calculate the exact footprint of your entire club, not just your workforce, and offset that, we know some great people that are working with the Green Tech Alliance who can help!


Just get in touch with us via social media or email us at and we can arrange for our industry leading partners to get in touch

We publish all our purchase orders and receipts for trees planted with our planting partner and they undergo regular audits which we publish links to as they become available.


The fact that our tree planting partner is trusted by global brands and like us is a member of the United Nations Trillion Tree Campaign, speaks for itself.

In effect all the money we take in some form or other goes towards climate action.


We have put purpose before profit, which is why we charge so little for the trees we plant (unlike many other companies).


We also give 10% of turnover to good causes before profit has even been calculated.


Finally, at least 50% of the profit we make is invested in sustainable innovation to speed up the time it takes to end climate change.

As your business is likely to benefit from promotion due to membership with Play It Green, our expert advisors believe that the money spent should be a tax deductible expense for most businesses that trade.

However, if you are unsure, we recommend that you speak with your business’s financial advisor to double check.

Simply click the link to the right and sign up for free to run match days and lower your footprint, or have an immediate impact and offset the club’s employees!


If you have any questions you can always email us at

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