Brilliant Eco Steps: Sustainability News for July 1st

Brilliant Eco Steps: Introduction

Welcome to this week’s edition of your sustainability news, where we shine a light on the brilliant eco steps often overlooked by mainstream media. While many focus on the negatives, we choose to highlight the positive action being taken worldwide.

Every small action contributes to a larger impact. By showcasing these positive changes, we hope to inspire our members to take their own steps towards a sustainable future. Each story we share demonstrates that positive change is not only possible but happening right now.

Join us as we delve into the latest news and celebrate the efforts being made to protect our planet. Let’s create a ripple effect of positive change together.

Read on to get your weekly dose of inspiration and discover ways that you can contribute to a sustainable future.

Nature Based Solutions Showcase Hosted by Oxford University

Oxford University recently hosted a global conference on nature-based solutions, welcoming experts from around the world. From Tuesday, June 18, to Thursday, June 20, the event at the Museum of Natural History focused on scaling community-led nature-based solutions. These methods work with nature to address major challenges and support thriving ecosystems.

Scientists, artists, Indigenous leaders, governments, and economists shared advancements and best practices. They aimed to enhance human wellbeing and biodiversity through these solutions.

Professor Nathalie Seddon, Director of the Nature-based Solutions Initiative at Oxford, expressed her excitement about the event. She highlighted the importance of connecting diverse knowledge to tackle global challenges.

The conference’s mission was to create an action agenda for scaling nature-based solutions worldwide. This roadmap will guide policy discussions leading up to the 2025 UN Climate Change Conference in Brazil.

The Nature Based Solutions Showcase was held at the Museum of Natural History and hosted by Oxford University
The Museum of Natural History where the Nature Based Solutions Showcase was held

Panel topics included building resilience, climate change adaptation, and ensuring support for nature from governments and markets. The event also featured a cultural programme with activities led by local and Indigenous artists. Nature-based solutions discussed included river and coastal restoration, agroforestry, and establishing urban green spaces.

Well done to Oxford University for this example of the brilliant eco steps being taken around the world!

ADM and Bayer Extend Collaboration for Regenerative Agriculture

ADM and Bayer announce the extension of their collaboration to promote regenerative agricultural practices in Europe. Last year, they assessed these practices’ impact on carbon emissions, biodiversity, and soil health. Working with oilseed rape farmers in Poland, they found a 15% reduction in carbon emissions, with potential reductions up to 40% for comprehensive adoption.

Now, the programme expands to include corn, wheat, and barley across Eastern Europe. Farmers will receive financial and technical support to implement minimum tillage, cover crops, companion crops, nutrient management, organic matter use, and crop rotation. ADM compensates farmers for each hectare using Bayer’s digital tools and the Sandy platform by Trinity Agtech.

Farmers also get agronomic guidance tailored to their regions, with on-farm assessments and development plans. Peer learning opportunities allow farmers to share experiences and techniques. The 2023 feasibility study was crucial, providing insights into environmental impacts and potential emission reductions.

Brilliant Eco Steps - ADM and Bayer have seen a 15% reduction in emissions with a potential for and incredible 40%
ADM and Bayer have seen a 15% reduction in emissions with a potential for and incredible 40%

“We have been practicing regenerative agriculture for 15 years. Thanks to these activities, our carbon footprint is lower,” says Karol Pietnoczka, a Polish farmer.

Well done to ADM and Bayer for these brilliant eco steps! Read on to find out about our next story of brilliant eco steps being taken across the world.

Brands Unite to Slash Fashion Industry Emissions

In our final example of brilliant eco steps, a coalition of major clothing brands, including Bestseller, Gap Inc, H&M Group, and Mango, work together to cut CO2 emissions in the fashion supply chain. They aim to transition to renewable energy and scalable solutions in textile manufacturing. To achieve global climate targets, fashion brands need to halve their supply chain emissions by 2030. Although the necessary technologies are available, financial challenges often hinder their adoption, delaying decarbonisation efforts.

The Future Supplier Initiative (FSI), organised by The Fashion Pact with support from the Apparel Impact Institute, Guidehouse, and DBS Bank, provides financial security, technical expertise, and economic incentives. This initiative tackles barriers that prevent many textile factories from implementing renewable energy solutions.

FSI enables participating companies to lead in lowering CO2 emissions in the fashion supply chain, which currently makes up 99% of the sector’s total emissions.

Eva von Alvensleben, Executive Director of The Fashion Pact, states, “Inaction on climate change is not an option. By sharing costs, risks, and responsibilities, we can make significant progress towards our goals.”


Brilliant Eco Steps - Leading fashion brands are united to cut emissions from the supply chain of the clothing industry
Leading fashion brands are united to cut emissions from the supply chain of the clothing industry

Starting in Bangladesh and Vietnam, FSI plans to expand to China, India, Italy, and Turkey. The initiative will measure its impact through baseline data and ongoing assessments.

Well done to these brands for their brilliant eco steps! 

Brilliant Eco Steps: Wrap Up

That’s everything for this week’s Brilliant Eco Steps. We’ve highlighted the inspiring sustainability efforts showcased at Oxford University, the collaboration between ADM and Bayer for regenerative agriculture, and the united effort by top apparel brands to reduce CO2 emissions.

These stories showcase the brilliant steps being taken to create a greener future. Well done to everyone involved! At Play It Green, we hope these positive changes inspire you to take action.

Let’s continue pushing for a sustainable world together.

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