Amazing Eco Steps: Sustainability News for July 8th

Amazing Eco Steps: Introduction

Welcome to this week’s edition of sustainability news, where we shine a light on the Amazing Eco Steps happening globally that mainstream media often misses. While negativity often grabs headlines, we prefer to spotlight the positive eco efforts taking place around the world.

This week, we feature stories showcasing innovation, dedication, and the pursuit of a greener future. From pioneering projects to inspiring accomplishments, these tales are bound to inspire you.

Join us as we explore the latest developments and celebrate the initiatives working to safeguard our planet. Together, let’s spark a wave of positive change.

Lipton Teas Start Climate Change Mitigation Trials

Our first story sees Lipton Teas and Infusions launch advanced field trials to tackle climate change. These trials aim to develop climate-resilient tea plants and reduce the environmental impact of tea cultivation. This initiative is part of Lipton’s commitment to sustainability and showcases its amazing eco steps towards a greener future.

The trials focus on breeding tea plants that can withstand extreme weather conditions, including drought-resistant and heat-tolerant varieties. The goal is to ensure that tea farming remains viable even as climate patterns shift. By improving plant resilience, Lipton aims to secure the livelihoods of tea farmers and protect the environment.

Lipton collaborates with local farmers and scientists to test these new plant varieties. They provide technical support and share knowledge on sustainable farming practices. This partnership ensures that the benefits of the trials are widely shared and implemented.

“Combining our experience of tea growing with Cranfield University’s specialist research capabilities will enable us to identify the key innovations that this industry requires,” said Taisa Hansen, Lipton’s chief research and innovation officer.

Amazing Eco Steps Lipton Teas and Infusions have started field trials to mitigate climate change
Lipton Teas and Infusions have started field trials to mitigate climate change

The initiative also explores innovative farming techniques to reduce carbon emissions and conserve water. By adopting these practices, Lipton aims to minimise its environmental footprint and contribute to global climate goals.

Well done to Lipton for their amazing eco steps! Read on for the next piece of inspiring news and discover more ways companies are making a positive impact.

Ad Net Nero Launches Global Media Sustainability Framework

Ad Net Zero (ANZ) has launched its Global Media Sustainability Framework. This initiative marks an amazing eco step towards a sustainable media future. The framework sets voluntary standards to measure greenhouse gas emissions across digital, television, print, audio, outdoor, and cinema channels.

Developed by the Global Alliance for Responsible Media (GARM) over 12 months, the framework includes initial formulae and tools for efficient emissions data collection. Previously, no consistent measurement framework existed in the industry.

The aim is to help advertisers and partners understand and reduce the carbon impact of their media plans, aligning with Action 3 of the Ad Net Zero Action Plan. Overseen by a Climate Science Expert Group, including PwC representatives, the framework ensures adherence to best carbon accounting practices.

The initial release covers TV, digital, and outdoor channels, accounting for 81% of global ad spend. Future updates will include audio, print, and cinema. The framework also provides a common data request form, a disclosure form, and a monitoring template.

Amazing Eco Steps Ad Net Zero has launched its Global Media Sustainability Framework
Ad Net Zero has launched its Global Media Sustainability Framework

Sebastian Munden, Chair of Ad Net Zero, said, “Today’s release of standard calculations for the carbon footprint of major media channels is a significant milestone.”

Well done to Ad Net Zero for their amazing eco steps! Read on for our next piece of inspiring news. ​

Salesforce Announces New Climate and Energy Commitments

Salesforce has introduced new climate and energy initiatives, including a £20 million pledge to buy permanent carbon removals from Frontier, a carbon removal coalition. This commitment supports Salesforce’s 2022 promise to contract £80 million in CO2 removal solutions by 2030 as part of the First Movers Coalition.

Frontier, launched by tech giants like Stripe, Alphabet, Shopify, and Meta, aims to speed up carbon removal technologies by securing future demand. Salesforce’s purchases will focus on long-term carbon storage solutions that are affordable and don’t compete for arable land.

Nan Ransohoff, Head of Climate at Stripe, stated, “It’s fantastic to see Salesforce turning commitments into contracts, helping the next generation of carbon removal technologies get to commercial scale.”

Salesforce also signed its first European virtual power purchase agreement (VPPA) with Qualitas Energy. This 15-year agreement will support a 27-megawatt solar project in Italy, expected to save over 21,500 metric tons of CO2 emissions annually. The project will be operational by 2024 and early 2025.

Amazing Eco Steps Amongst other commitments, Salesforce is supporting a big solar project in Italy
Amongst other commitments, Salesforce is supporting a big solar project in Italy

Additionally, Salesforce is providing nearly £3 million in grants to support clean energy access for underrepresented communities, climate startups, and green job creation. Recipients include RE-volv, GRID Alternatives, and the Honnold Foundation. 

Suzanne DiBianca, Chief Impact Officer at Salesforce, emphasised, “To tackle the climate crisis, companies must invest in and scale new climate technologies and secure clean energy access.”

Well done to Salesforce for their amazing eco steps!

Amazing Eco Steps: Wrap Up

As we conclude this week’s edition of your sustainability news, we are inspired by amazing eco steps being taken towards a sustainable future. From innovative agricultural practices to cutting-edge media carbon measurement frameworks, and ambitious climate commitments, these stories highlight the power of collective action.

Each initiative showcases the remarkable impact that companies and organisations can have when they prioritise sustainability. We hope these stories motivate you to take your own steps towards a greener world. Together, we can create lasting positive change.

Stay tuned for more uplifting news and join us in celebrating the efforts that make our planet a better place. 

Keep pushing for progress and let’s continue to make a difference, one step at a time.

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