Positive Eco Steps: Sustainability News 17th June

Positive Eco Steps: Introduction

Welcome to your Monday dose of uplifting sustainability news featuring positive eco steps brought to you by Play It Green. Mainstream media often highlights the negatives, but here, we focus on the positives to inspire our community members to create their own ripple effect of change. Our stories aim to empower and motivate, proving that every small step can lead to a significant impact.

This week, we’re excited to share three inspiring stories. First, scientists have developed a method to make healthier, more sustainable chocolate. Then, we explore how Thermo Fisher Scientific is beating its climate targets. Lastly, we unveil the plans for the UK’s first green shipping corridor. 

Read on to discover how these positive eco steps are transforming our world, one initiative at a time. Let’s dive into the first story!

New Method Developed for Healthier, More Sustainable Chocolate

Swiss scientists and chocolatiers have crafted a new type of chocolate using waste plant matter instead of sugar. By using the pulp and husk of cocoa pods, they have created a sweet, fibrous gel that can replace sugar, according to Nature Food. This innovative “whole food” approach not only produces a healthier chocolate but also reduces land and water usage.

Kim Mishra, a food technologist at ETH Zürich and the study’s lead author, explained, “The cocoa fruit is basically a pumpkin, and right now we’re just using the seeds. But there’s a lot of other marvellous stuff in that fruit.” The researchers utilised the usually discarded parts of the cocoa fruit to create a gel, which can be added to chocolate instead of traditional sugar.

Their findings indicate that this method uses 6% less land and water, although it increases emissions by 12% due to the extra drying step. However, by scaling up and using solar drying, greenhouse gas emissions could be reduced.

Alejandro Marangoni from the University of Guelph praised the study as a comprehensive proposal that needs validation through pilot testing. 

Scientists have developed a way to make chocolate that is better for your diet and for the environment
Scientists have developed a way to make chocolate that is better for your diet and for the environment

Implementing this method could significantly benefit farmers in tropical regions, providing them with additional revenue streams.

Kudos to everyone involved for these positive eco steps! It looks like sustainable, healthier chocolate might be in our future. Stay tuned for our next story about Thermo Fisher Scientific beating its climate targets!

Thermo Fisher Scientific Exceeds Climate Goals Ahead of Schedule

Thermo Fisher Scientific makes significant strides in environmental sustainability, as shown in its 2023 ESG Report, “Healthier, Cleaner and Safer.” The report highlights progress in renewable energy use, reducing Scope 1, 2, and 3 emissions, and lowering water usage.

Marc Casper, Chairman, President, and CEO, states, “Thermo Fisher is driven by a profound mission – to enable our customers to make the world healthier, cleaner and safer. We also understand our obligation to support our communities and be good stewards of our planet.”

Thermo Fisher aims to cut Scope 1 and 2 emissions by 50% by 2030 and achieve 80% renewable energy use. By 2027, they plan for 90% of suppliers to set science-based targets, aiming for net-zero emissions across all scopes by 2050. By the end of 2023, the company reduces Scope 1 and 2 emissions by 29% from 2018 levels and sources 41% of its electricity from renewables.

In 2023, they advanced their sustainability roadmap, including an agreement to power over half of their European operations with 100% renewable energy by 2025. They also enhance supplier engagement through initiatives like the virtual Supplier Day, promoting net-zero goals.

Thermo Fisher Scientific is ahead of schedule on its impressive climate targets by engaging in a number of sustainability initiatives
Thermo Fisher Scientific is ahead of schedule on its impressive climate targets

Other sustainability achievements include shifting freight from air to rail, reducing waste through equipment refurbishment, and installing EV charging stations.

Well done to all involved for these positive eco steps! It seems Thermo Fisher not only beats its climate targets but also sets a high standard for sustainability. Stay tuned for our next story about the UK’s first green shipping corridor!

UK Unveils First Green Shipping Corridor Plans

Peel Ports Group unveils plans for the UK’s first green shipping corridor between the UK and Ireland. This initiative will enable electric ships to dock and charge with clean energy.

Partnering with NatPower Marine, Peel Ports Group aims to reduce maritime emissions by launching the UK’s first commercial electric ship and developing supporting infrastructure. NatPower Marine plans to invest £100m in this infrastructure across eight UK and Irish ports. This network will support cold ironing, allowing ships to access clean power while docked, thus reducing emissions.

This funding is part of NatPower Marine’s larger £3bn plan to create a global charging network for ships at 120 ports by 2030. Stefano Sommadossi, CEO of NatPower Marine, says, “Our partnership with Peel Ports Group is the first step in accelerating clean energy adoption in shipping.”

The plan also includes electric vehicle charging for cars, vans, and HGVs at the ports.

At COP26, the UK signed the Clydebank Declaration to establish zero-emission shipping routes. The first routes identified include Belfast-Heysham and Dublin-Birkenhead, with current emissions at 230,000 tonnes of CO2 annually.

Peel Ports Group aims to make Heysham Port the UK’s first net-zero port. They plan to install up to 63,000 solar panels across the port’s rooftops.

Peel Ports in partnership with NatPower Marine are aiming for the UK's first green shipping corridor
Peel Ports in partnership with NatPower Marine are aiming for the UK's first green shipping corridor

Claudio Veritiero, CEO of Peel Ports Group, states, “These proposals support our goal to become a net-zero port operator by 2040.”

Well done to everyone involved for these positive eco steps!

Positive Eco Steps: Wrap Up

That’s a wrap for this week’s Positive Eco Steps. We’ve seen incredible strides in sustainability from scientists developing healthier chocolate, Thermo Fisher Scientific beating climate targets, and the unveiling of the UK’s first green shipping corridor.

These stories showcase the positive changes happening around us. Well done to everyone involved! At Play It Green, we hope that shining a light on these positive changes serves as inspiration. Let’s continue to push for a greener future together.

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