Fantastic Eco Steps: Sustainability News June 24th

Fantastic Eco Steps: Introduction

Welcome to your weekly source of positive sustainability news brought to you by Play It Green and focusing on Fantastic Eco Steps. In a world where mainstream media often focuses on the negatives, we are here to shine a light on the positives. Our goal is to inspire our members to make their own ripple effects of change. Each small action contributes to a larger impact.

This week, we are excited to share three uplifting stories that demonstrate remarkable strides in sustainability. From innovative eco-friendly solutions to significant corporate achievements, these stories highlight the fantastic steps being taken towards a greener future.

Join us as we explore these inspiring developments and celebrate the progress being made. Read on to discover how these fantastic eco steps are making a real difference. Let’s dive into our first story!

Heineken Announces First Regenerative Barley Harvest

HEINEKEN announces the first large-scale regenerative barley harvest in Europe, marking a milestone in sustainable agriculture. This achievement is part of the TRANSITIONS programme, led by VIVESCIA and its malt subsidiary Malteurop. The collaboration focuses on protecting soil health, biodiversity, climate, and water resources.

This programme represents a unique cooperation between plant and grain sectors. This year, around 200 VIVESCIA farmers in North-East France join, covering about 25,000 hectares. By 2025, 500 farmers are expected to participate, with numbers reaching 1,000 by 2026, covering up to 100,000 hectares. HEINEKEN plans to purchase most of the barley from these farmers, aligning with its goal to cut Scope 3 FLAG emissions by 30% by 2030.

Amazingly this is the first large-scale industry-led regenerative agriculture programme in Europe. It operates at the farm and crop rotation level, with suppliers and companies funding the farmers’ transitions. Also, it is HEINEKEN’s first holistic, output-based programme, measuring carbon, soil, water, air, biodiversity, and farmers’ livelihoods.

Fantastic Eco Steps Heineken leads the first large scale regenerative farming programme in Europe
Heineken leads the first large scale regenerative farming programme in Europe

Hervé Le Faou, Senior Director of Global Procurement at HEINEKEN, states, “By investing in regenerative agriculture practices, we aim to reduce our environmental impact and strengthen our supply chain’s resilience.”

Kudos to HEINEKEN for this fantastic eco step! Stay tuned for our next inspiring story.

Kimberly-Clark Makes Great Progress Toward 2030 Sustainability Goals

Kimberly-Clark recently published its annual sustainability report, showcasing progress towards its 2030 goals and a new ambition. By 2030, Kimberly-Clark aims to be 100% Natural Forest Free across its portfolio. Over the past decade, the company invested in developing more sustainable products as part of its innovation strategy.

Key highlights of 2023 include:

Better Planet: Kimberly-Clark commits to sustainable forest management. The company expects to be halfway to its goal by 2030. In 2023, it surpasses its water footprint target and increases the use of wind and solar power.

Better Products: Kimberly-Clark introduces sustainable solutions like the Kotex® paper pouch and reusable menstrual and incontinence products. The company reduces its plastics footprint by 16.4%.

Better Society: Kimberly-Clark’s brands, including Huggies® and Kleenex®, positively impact communities through social programs. In 2023, these initiatives reach 101 million people globally.

Better Workplace: The company invests in employee engagement and leadership development. It strengthens human rights due diligence and supplier engagement.

Fantastic Eco Steps Kimberley-Clark is making great strides in its Net Zero goals as seen in its latest sustainability report
Kimberley-Clark is making great strides in its Net Zero goals as seen in its latest sustainability report

Lisa Morden, Chief Sustainability Officer, states, “We are proud of our progress and remain dedicated to supporting a more sustainable future.”

Well done to Kimberly-Clark for these fantastic eco steps! Read on to see our final story of inspirational sustainability news!

Decathlon Steps Up its ‘No Tent Left Behind’ Initiative

Decathlon launches the ‘No Tent Left Behind’ initiative to prevent festival-goers and campers from discarding tents after one use. Despite efforts from campsites and festival organisers, around 250,000 tents go to landfill in the UK each year. Under the scheme, customers in the UK can trade in ten popular tent models until 13 September. They will receive a gift card for the full purchase amount, regardless of the tent’s condition. Returned tents will be refurbished, cleaned, and resold via Decathlon’s ‘Second Life’ platform.

Chris Allen, Decathlon UK’s sustainability leader, says, “We’re relaunching the ‘No Tent Left Behind’ campaign with the biggest Tent Pledge after last year’s success. 100% of tents returned in 2023 were refurbished and resold through Decathlon’s Second Life scheme. We aim to make an even bigger impact and encourage sustainable habits.”

Decathlon’s sustainability strategy focuses on circular business models, product repairability, and durability. The company plans to expand its buy-back offering to over 100 products by 2026, facilitating the repurchase of 800,000 items. Decathlon also offers repair workshops, DIY services, and rental options for various products.

Fantastic Eco Steps - Decathlon's tent return initiative is running for the festival season of 2024
Decathlon's tent return initiative is running for the festival season of 2024

Jo Whiley, Radio DJ and Television Presenter, supports the initiative, reminding festival-goers to enjoy sustainably. She highlights the benefits of the Quechua MH100 tent range, which is low-cost, lightweight, and compact.

Well done to Decathlon for this fantastic eco step!

Fantastic Eco Steps: Wrap Up

That’s a wrap for this week’s Fantastic Eco Steps. We’ve seen incredible strides in sustainability from HEINEKEN’s first large-scale regenerative barley harvest, Kimberly-Clark’s ambitious progress towards 2030 goals, and Decathlon’s innovative ‘No Tent Left Behind’ scheme.

These stories highlight the fantastic steps being taken to create a greener future. Well done to everyone involved! At Play It Green, we hope these positive changes inspire you to take action. Let’s continue pushing for a sustainable world together.

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