Amazing Eco Change: Eco News for 27th November

Amazing Eco Change: Introduction

Amazing Eco Change is the heartbeat of Play It Green’s weekly sustainability news, released every Monday. This update illuminates how Play It Green consistently spotlights positive change and provides knowledge, creating a community-driven approach to eco-conscious living and business.

We believe that individual and business transformations create ripples of change that inspire others. Through collaboration and shared values, Play It Green encourages a united front in shaping a greener future.

Join us on this journey of positive change and read on for inspiration and insights. Together, let’s create a brighter and greener tomorrow, starting today!

Amazing Eco Change: BUPA Invests £2M into Nature Regeneration

In your first story of amazing eco change, Bupa, the global healthcare leader, commits a substantial £2 million to propel nature regeneration projects on a worldwide scale. This significant investment follows the successful completion of the 2023 Healthy Cities program, engaging over 47,000 participants across 24 countries.

During the program, participants, including Bupa employees, businesses, and communities, embraced a step challenge via the Healthy Cities app. By meeting the minimum daily step requirement of 6,000 steps, individuals triggered Bupa’s financial support for diverse environmental restoration projects. These initiatives span from tree planting and reforestation efforts to the establishment of outdoor classrooms and gardens for schools and local communities.

Creating healthier and greener cities becomes a shared mission with tangible benefits for both people and the planet. Bupa’s Chief Sustainability and People Officer, Nigel Sullivan, underscores their commitment to playing a pivotal role in improving people’s health through nature restoration.

Amazing Eco Change BUPA engaged 47000 people with its programme in 2023
BUPA engaged 47,000 people with its programme in 2023

“Our Healthy Cities program is an important part of achieving this, enabling us to engage thousands of people in the cities Bupa operates in. Encouraging them to get involved in an initiative that can benefit both their health and the health of the planet.” Great work, Bupa

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Amazing Eco Change: Octopus Energy and Bellway Announce Zero Bill Homes

In your second story of amazing eco change, Octopus Energy embarks on a groundbreaking partnership with Bellway Homes. Together, they’re introducing Zero Bills homes—a revolutionary concept ensuring residents enjoy no energy bills for at least five years, guaranteed.

These homes feature cutting-edge green energy tech, including air-source heat pumps, home batteries, and solar panels, all optimised by Octopus Energy’s tech platform, Kraken. In these Zero Bills homes, families can save approximately £1,800 annually on energy bills compared to standard variable tariffs. Bellway, a 5-star housebuilder, pioneers this initiative, incorporating Zero Bills homes into its Victoria Gate development in Stafford.

As of December 2023, these sustainable homes will hit the market. Furthermore, there are plans for an additional 250 Zero Bills homes in Bedfordshire starting in 2024. Bellway’s commitment aligns with the Future Homes Standard, aiming to reduce carbon emissions by 75% by 2025.


Amazing Eco Change Thanks to Octopus and Bellway, Zero Bill homes are now a thing
Octopus and Bellway make 'zero bill homes' a thing

Michael Cottrell, Zero Bills Homes Director at Octopus Energy, said, “Zero Bills is a complete game changer. With Bellway’s involvement, the vision is to make green living the norm, providing homeowners with a sustainable lifestyle.” Jason Honeyman, CEO of Bellway, echoes this sentiment, stating, “This long-term partnership exemplifies our commitment to putting people and the planet first.”

Please read on your final insight into this week’s eco change and be part of the journey!

Amazing Eco Change: House of Hackney Appoints Nature to the Board

Your final story of amazing eco change sees House of Hackney, a luxury interiors brand, pioneer a unique approach to corporate responsibility. In a radical move, the company appoints a legal representative for ‘mother nature’ and ‘future generations’ to its board, elevating environmental concerns to a legal standpoint.

The company collaborates with Lawyers for Nature, to provide high-level legal accountability for its impact on nature and the well-being of future generations. Frieda Gormley, co-founder of House of Hackney, emphasises the shift from viewing nature as an extractive resource to recognising its voice in decision-making.

The appointed board representative, Brontie Ansell from Lawyers for Nature, serves as a conduit and voice for nature and future generations. This unprecedented role aims to consult a diverse network of experts, ensuring an ethical perspective on business decisions.

As the ‘Lawyer for Everything’ navigates potential conflicts among various aspects of nature, the decision-making process remains anchored in radical ideological perspectives.

Amazing Eco Change Luxury interiors brand House of Hackney appoints Nature to its board
Luxury interiors brand House of Hackney appoints Nature to its board

Despite House of Hackney’s status as a privately held company, this move reflects a cultural shift where businesses intertwine economic decisions with moral values. This groundbreaking move is truly inspirational and shows just how much amazing eco-change is happening today! Well done House of Hackney!

Wrap Up

In this week’s Amazing Eco News, we’ve witnessed the impactful strides of Bupa, Octopus Energy, Bellway Homes, and House of Hackney. Companies taking steps to shape a sustainable future. From Bupa’s commitment to global nature regeneration to Octopus Energy’s and Bellway’s game-changing Zero Bills homes. Not only that, but House of Hackney’s revolutionary move appointing a legal representative for nature on its board. Each story illuminates the positive changes occurring across various sectors.

We hope these inspiring narratives spark a realisation that positive change is not only possible but already underway. By highlighting these achievements, we aim to motivate individuals and businesses alike to join the momentum, realising that every positive action has a ripple effect.

Let these stories serve as a reminder that collectively, we can make a significant impact on our planet, creating a community-driven approach toward a greener and more sustainable world.

Play It Green: Empowering Your Sustainability Journey

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