Our Unique Approach – 3-Step Solution

Our Unique 3 Step Approach

Every service we provide always delivers upon our 3 step solution to climate change: #Reduce #Repair #Regive.

By subscribing your business engages on these and gives you a well rounded narrative.



3 Step Climate solution

Step 1 #Reduce

Reducing Carbon Footprints

Step 1 is reducing the carbon footprint of people and businesses

We create behaviour change by providing them with education, discounts and the tools in a supportive and non judgemental way

We’ll help you to reach net zero

Members get a weekly mailer with a tip on how to lower their footprint, a discount to a relating product and education on sustainability including business best practice.  

Businesses also get support tools including template sustainability plans, environmental policies and signposting to other services including carbon footprint reports

feet tiptoeing over fallen log in forest, 'reduce' written on top of log behind feet in bold orange lettering

Step 2 #Repair

Repairing the Planet Through Reforestation

Whilst on the journey to net zero we ensure members make an ongoing environmental impact by planting new trees in ground 

The trees are a great story within themselves and due to being planted in impoverished communities help support 10 of 17 UN SDGs

Every tree is guaranteed to be planted, we publish regular reports on them, the google earth coordinates of the sites and all our purchase receipts

close up of hands planting sapling in dirt with 'repair' written in green lettering

Step 3 #Regive

Regifting Funds to Good Causes

10% of every subscription and tree purchase goes to a good cause of the members choice to ensure they make an ongoing social impact 

Members can choose any good cause of their choice, including those not on our list. We always recommend it is close to your heart or impacts on your local community

Climate Change causes social issues and it is important these are supported to help rebalance society We classify good causes as charities, sports organisations or educational establishments

Just one step...

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