Play It Green Charity

Play It Green Charity

Play It Green charity regives 10% of turnover to good causes

As well as this, our members can choose their own charity.

In addition, we collaborate with each good cause to promote them on our platform and to raise even more needed funds for them

Why charities work with Play It Green?

Increase needed funds to your charity

Through our regiving of 10% of turnover, your charity can benefit from more funds. Also once active on our platform it is available to choose by any members as part of their subscription membership

Get a climate positive workforce

Play It Green understands that charities need to embrace sustainability just like everyone else. Because of that and as part of our partnership, we can offer charities our climate positive workforce for free

add value to your corporate sponsors

Also, our climate positive workforce and Net Zero support help hundreds of businesses across the globe. With that in mind, we can help your sponsor businesses too - and your charity gets more benefits

How Play It Green Charity Works

New member nominates charity

Charity vetted by Play it Green

Charity added to our Platform

10% of revenues paid quarterly

Our Thoughts

“Climate change has seen more than just environmental impact as it drives mass migration, increased poverty and more negative social impacts.

That’s why Play It Green chose to give 10% of turnover (before any profit) to good causes.

By doing this we make our members part of the decision making process making the experience more personal and meaningful.”

Charity's Opinion

“We’re really excited to work with and to introduce the Play It Green business model to our community of supporters. Also helping them reforest the planet and lower their carbon footprint whilst continuing their support for Winston’s Wish.”

Paul Moore – Winston’s Wish

Charity's Opinion

“We are passionate about the environment so partnering with Play It Green made sense to us.
For this reason and the fact that they help us with fundraising and Net Zero is simply brilliant and we are now introducing them to our corporate sponsors.”


Kim Wright – The Children’s Air Ambulance Service

Play It Green Charities

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To Make Your Charity Part of the Climate Solution
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