Carbon Footprint Report

Carbon Footprint Report

Through our partnership with EaaSi Carbon, we make it easy for you to measure and understand you carbon footprint

Once measured, you can rebalance it and begin to reduce it with our framework and support

EaaSi Carbon Footprint Reports

Clear, simple reporting

We partnered with EaaSi Carbon so that your business can get access to SECR compliant Carbon Reporting to enable your business to measure its footprint in a clear and transparent way

Switch To Green energy

EaaSi Carbon also offers green energy switching services at a much lower cost than standard brokers with completely transparent support fees

Become Carbon Neutral

With a business footprint report you can start your journey to Net Zero and whilst you are on it, you can rebalance the unavoidable impact and become carbon neutral

Preparing for the Future with a Carbon Report

EaaSi Carbon’s platform was created to reflect the Government’s SECR carbon emissions reporting programme and is fully compliant with it

A Fair Deal for Business

EaaSi Carbon offers an energy switching service with no hidden broker fees – just an annual £120. They provide access to green energy and if you switch through them, your carbon report is free

New Opportunities

A footprint report can help you to assess the risks and opportunities associated with climate change. Globally, many companies share their report with their stakeholders, and use the information to guide their sustainability efforts

What Gets Measured, Gets Managed

By measuring CO2 emissions, inefficiencies in energy use and other areas can be found. Lowering your business footprint often involves improving its process efficiency and thus cost-effectiveness

What we thought?

“You can’t efficiently reduce what you haven’t measured.  Whilst we recommend to start with our workforce initiative to provide a culture shift and support a business on its journey to net zero, getting a footprint report is the next step. and using our net zero framework to reduce it follows. By doing this transparently, it can only aid a business’s brand value, sales and client acquisition.”

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Just one step...

Please contact us to find out more about getting your Carbon Footprint Report

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