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Play It Green for Families and Individuals

We are an award-winning sustainability business, with a unique 3 step solution to climate change #Reduce #Repair #Regive

We help reduce the carbon footprints of people and businesses whilst ensuring they make an environmental and social impact on the way to Net-Zero

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Our 3 Step Solution to Climate Change


We help to reduce the footprints of people and businesses through tips, tools, discounts and education


We help people repair the planet for a positive environmental impact, rebalancing your footprint through reforestation


10% of every subscription and tree purchase made will go to a good cause of your choice to help increase your social impact

Why Sign Up to Play It Green?

Take Action & feel Empowered

We make change easy and affordable. The weekly tips, discounts and education will create behaviour change and discussion amongst your family. You'll recognise how you are reducing your footprint and feel positive in the action you're taking

Be part of the solution

Be part of a growing movement fighting climate change by creating a better future for you and our global community. Reducing footprints, reforesting the planet and giving to good causes supports 11 of the 17 UN's SDGs

positively Engage Others

Your new knowledge and Forest Garden platform allows you to positively engage people in conversation. The platform tracks your impact, can be shared and allows you to create campaigns to engage friends and family on social media

Our Subscriptions

Adult Subscription

Tips & Discounts Every Friday
10 Trees Planted every month 50P month to a good cause Your own Forest Garden

Family Subscription

2 Adults and 1 Child
25 Trees a month & More Impact
Tips & Discounts every Friday
Share 2 Forest Gardens


Large Family Subscription

2 Adults, 2 Children and 2 Pets
34 Trees a month & More Impact
Tips & Discounts every Friday
Share 4 Forest Gardens

Ruby the dog

Pet Subscription

Add your pet to your family subscription Plant 2 Trees a month
Rebalance their Carbon Footprint
Regift 10% to your charity

Forest Garden Platform

See and show your impact

You can use your forest garden to see, track and show your impact, it contains everything you need to help you

Campaign for your Birthday

Your Forest Garden page allows you set up campaigns for your birthday; asking people to plant trees as a gift

Net Zero & Marketing

The download section in every Forest Garden contains a host of net zero and marketing support

Reach Milestones

Be rewarded with new a milestone badge every time you reach a special impact target in your Forest Garden

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To Make Your Family Part of the Climate Solution
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