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Every Member receives their very own online platform called a Forest Garden

These webpages are unique to the member and provides them with a host of net zero and marketing support. They can be personalised, shared and allow members to make an even bigger impact through campaigns

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Forest Garden Features


Add your name, logo, website, photos and statement to your Forest Garden page to personalise it to your liking

Set Up a Campaign

Members can set up campaigns e.g. 100 Trees for My Birthday or Eat a Meat Free Meal, share these and get people to support

Shows Impact

Forest Gardens show how many trees you have planted, funds passed to good causes, CO2 rebalanced and much more

Plant A tree

Anyone can plant a tree @50p a tree on your Forest Garden page helping members make a bigger impact


Share your Member's area with others online to showcase your impact to date and get them involved in a campaign

Download Support

Exclusive to members, your Forest Garden page allows access to a lot of marketing content and net zero support

Forest Garden Benefits

Forest Garden Play It Green

Tracks & Rewards Progress

Keep track of your trees, good causes and campaigns through your Member’s area and be rewarded when you pass certain milestones. 

Milestone Badges are rewarded in six different categories and displayed on your page along with your tree counter and lots of graphics showcasing your impact. 

Campaign to Grow Your Impact

Setting up a campaign on your Forest Garden gives members a reason to share their page and ask others to support e.g. please plant 10 trees through my page for my birthday or complete this challenge, make a tree donation and share on social media 


Every campaign you set up will have its own unique page linked to your Member’s area and allow people to make a donation. Every £1 plants 2 trees and regifts 10p to your chosen good cause

Leader boards will display who has supported your campaigns the most

Marketing Content

As well as the Member’s area page itself being a marketing opportunity members can access a lot of further marketing material

Download photos, videos, content, promotional and accreditation badges, template sustainability web pages and much more

Net Zero Support

Download from your member’s area page more tips on how to lower your footprint, template environmental policies and our exclusive Net-Zero Framework for businesses 

The Net Zero Framework is a tool to help your asses and map out your entire net zero journey

Rewards Sharing

Members can share exclusive links asking others to set up their own Forest Garden and be rewarded with a few free trees each time they join

Boost Sales

Some businesses add trees to their sales to enhance their proposition. 1 tree costs 50p and regifts 10% to the selected good cause

Forest Gardens allow for API integration to your site or some businesses keep it simple by tracking monthly sales, then purchasing the required number of trees from their Forest Garden page

Just one step...

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