Environmental Impact

Environmental Impact

Planting trees is taking more immediate action on your unavoidable carbon footprint.
It means you have an impact whilst on your journey of reduction.
It will leave a true legacy for future generations

Repair Our Planet

Individual changes

By reducing our footprint over time, we can limit and then stop our personal impact on the planet and its ecosystem, but this takes time

Repairing the damage done

The planet has lost half its species in part due to habitat loss caused by deforestation. Planting trees repairs this damage and rebalances CO2

Multiplied By Community

Whilst a single person may not have a big impact on the planet, when their actions are multiplied by the power of community, they change the world

Cumulative Environmental Impact

With Play It Green you will support at least 10 of 17United Nations Sustainability Development Goals


Trees Planted (no.)


CO2 reduced (Tonnes)

Eden Reforestation Projects​

Our tree planting partner is Eden Reforestation Projects and by planting trees with Play It Green, you are removing CO2 from the atmosphere, providing long term employment and replacing lost habitat to make an environmental impact

Why Plant Trees?

Employs local people, meaning communities able to afford daily necessities

Replenishes forests restoring animal habitats and helping stop species loss

Restores rainfall patterns meaning less flooding and soil erosion

Planting trees will absorb atmospheric CO2 and helps to fight climate change

All our trees are guaranteed to be planted with our partner Eden Reforestation

Just one step...

Be Part of the Climate Solution…
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