Methodology behind the Science

Methodology behind the Science

As a Play It Green member it is important to understand the methodology behind our science and why you are making a difference

What Is Climate Change?

Greenhouse Gases

Greenhouse gases trap heat in the atmosphere and cause global warming. Unfortunately, Greenhouse gas emissions keep going up so does the earth’s temperature

Climate Change Is Here

The top 20 hottest years on record have all happened since 1998. For many, this can cause feelings of anxiety and helplessness about the future. But it doesn't have to be that way

Everyone Does Their Bit

Everyone tries to do their bit, but after doing things such as recycling or reducing energy use at home, many still get stuck and don’t know what to do next and that is where Play It Green helps

Take The next Steps

Play it Green aims to lower carbon footprints and help educate people in an easy to digest way, creating behaviour change, whilst rebalancing the unavoidable footprints

What Is a Carbon Footprint?

Carbon Footprints

A carbon footprint is an estimate of how much additional greenhouse gas emissions have taken place as a result of activity. This could be for a person, business, event or product.

Everything has a footprint

Buy a coffee and it has a footprint due to emissions from the manufacturing process and its transportation to you. It doesn't stop their either, there is the whole supply chain to consider

Why we use averages

We use averages as every nation is different in how they live and how much and what type of the following is consumed over the year: home energy, travel, goods purchases and food

Reduce and repair

Whilst we aid people lowering footprints through education and access to sustainable products and services, it's important to repair the damage we do whilst getting to Net Zero

Why Plant Trees?

Trees Absorb CO2

1 Tree stores on average 22kg of CO2 per year (European Environmental Agency) or 1 Tonne over its useful lifetime. Trees are natures 'carbon sink' and are critical to our planet

Why use averages

We use averages as carbon absorption rates vary due to the type, age and location of the tree. The average Mangrove tree will absorb 73.8 KG over a six-year period (we don't measure ten)

Short term measurement

Whilst the tree will absorb a lot more CO2 over its lifetime, Play It Green uses 73.8Kg of CO2 at the offsetting value of 1 Tree as we wish to measure our impact in the short term and not overstate it

Reduce and repair

156 trees per year (13 trees per month) will absorb (on average) more Carbon than a person in the UK produces and causes i.e. their carbon footprint. That's why £5 makes you climate positive

Carbon Footprint Value of 1 Tree

Planting a tree with Play It Green has an offset value of 73.8kg (0,0738 Tonnes) per tree

This is the average amount of CO2 one tree planted with Play It Green will absorb over a six year period based upon this scientific study. As the study details, averages have to be used as carbon absorption rates of trees vary due to the type, age and location of the tree.

Trees trees will absorb a lot more CO2 after this six year period and over its useful lifetime. Studies showing  1 Tree stores on average 22kg of CO2 per year (European Environmental Agency) or 1 Tonne over its useful lifetime. Play It Green want any rebalancing initiative to have short term benefits, hence the reason for six years. This compares favourably with other programmes who choose ten years or more.


What We Think

Just planting trees WILL NO LONGER BE ENOUGH to stop climate change although it will help. By planting trees, we are lengthening the time we have left before the damage from climate change is irreversible. That’s the reason why we send you sustainable tips and encourage you to join our sustainable challenges to reduce your carbon footprints and influence the people around you
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