Climate Positive Hospitality

Make your dining experience a
Climate Positive one.

At no cost to you simply add 1 pound to each bill to enhance your sustainability credentials by planting trees, gifting to charity and reducing your carbon footprint


Make Your Dining Experience Climate Positive

reduce peoples' footprints

Use our educational content and tips to engage your diners and staff on sustainability which adds to your brand value

Rebalance Diners' Footprints

By adding £1 to a bill, your diners can plant two trees rebalancing the footprint of their meal and pass funds to a charity

Increase your Restaurant's Social Impact

For every £1 paid to plant trees, we regive 10% this to a charity of your choice, to ensure a social impact is part of the dining experience

Net Zero and Marketing support

Receive your own online forest garden with accreditation badges, impact information and net zero and marketing support​

Every one pound...


Provides your restaurant with full access to everything we do to help reduce its footprint including net zero and marketing support


Plants 2 trees at our 3 planting sites in Madagascar using employ to plant and protect methods to create added social impact


Provides 10p to a charity of your choice giving needed to funds to social causes and increasing your restaurant's positive impact

Monthly Process

Purchase your Diners' trees in your forest garden

Promote sustainability tips to customers

Use net zero Guide to reduce footprint

Enjoy your climate positive Restaurant

A unique Industry Partnership

We understand that running a restaurant is tough so Play It Green has teamed up with So Let’s Talk who provide education, events, training and activities on all aspects of mental, physical and financial health inside the hospitality industry

Get Access to Net Zero Support

Included in your Forest Garden is a Net Zero support area with a framework, shareable educational content, a template policy, travel guide and web page

You also get access to our sustainability network and tips on how to run a more sustainable business

Get Access to Marketing Support

Get access to our range of promotional and accreditation badges to use on your website, emails and literature

The forest garden contains content and tools to engage diners and staff and enables ‘green’ marketing that is transparent, educational and changemaking

Meet Consumer Demands

Sustainable food trends will become centre of the plate as 65% of consumers look for products that can help them live a more sustainable and socially responsible life

Forbes 2021

Get Ahead of The Game

Companies that focus on sustainability will be in the best position to get valuable new business opportunities as the world moves to more sustainable practices.

McKinsey 2022

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Just one step...

To Make Your Restaurant Part of the Climate Solution
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