Create your own Forest Garden

Create your own Forest Garden

A forest garden is the term given to the bespoke webpage everybody receives after signing up at Play It Green. This is your very own page which you can personalise and share with others.

Key Features

Key Feature 1: Show your Impact

Every Forest Garden shows the number of trees they have planted and the resulting CO2 impact. Once you reach certain levels, your milestone badges will be upgraded, and users can share their impact respectively. Your Forest Garden page allows you or anyone you share the page with, to plant more trees and make a bigger impact by clicking the “Plant More Trees” button. Every £1 plants 2 trees and gives 10% to your good cause

Key Feature 2: Discover your sustainable journey

Our members can start their sustainability journey in the Discover section. This section contains tips, downloads, policies, a net zero framework, access to our latest news and more to support individuals and businesses on their road to net zero. The discovery section also contains support for campaigns and marketing content for everyone to use to engage others in sustainable action

Key Feature 3: Collective Action

Every family or business subscription offers forest gardens to each paid subscriber, where they can see their personal impact, run their own campaigns and begin their personal sustainability journey The ‘parent’ garden will show the cumulative impact of all the sub gardens, showing the power of collective action
Start collective action

Key Feature 4: Run a Campaign

Users can create a campaign in their Forest Garden to encourage more people to support their actions. Campaigns provide you with a reason to share your garden, get people to “Plant More Trees” on your page and help you make a bigger impact. E.g. in memory of, for my birthday, event, challenge or simply to reach a tree planting target

Key Feature 5: Personalise your page

Users can update and manage their account in “Settings => Garden” to change the logo, website, Forest Garden name and URL, and description and add images to help bring the page to life and make it more personalised.
You can also use the setting section to change payment methods, add new subscriptions and change your good cause

Just one part of the climate solution

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