Amazing Eco News: Sustainable Wins for Nov 6th

Amazing Eco News: Introduction

Welcome to Play It Green’s Amazing Eco News where, every Monday, we bring you a burst of positivity, illuminating the strides towards sustainability. Through engaging, easily digestible snippets, we empower our community to create change in both personal and professional lives.

Together, we create ripples of impact, inspiring others to follow suit. With collaboration and shared values at our core, Play It Green is provides you with beacons of hope. Dive into our articles for a dose of inspiration and let’s shape a greener tomorrow!

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Amazing Eco News: MACK and Notpla Partner for Eco Cleaning Revolution

Our first piece of amazing eco news Introduces a revolutionary leap towards sustainability in home care, as household brand MACK and Notpla partner! Together, they are introducing a new application of Notpla’s acclaimed sustainable film material, poised to revolutionise sustainability for countless households.

Their breakthrough, Notpla Film sachets for household and laundry items dissolve completely and naturally biodegrade in water, leaving no trace of microplastics. Having already clinched the prestigious Tom Ford Plastic Innovation Prize, they have created a consumer-ready remedy for home-generated plastic pollution.

Uniting Notpla’s innovation with MACK’s high-performing, eco-friendly cleaning products, they empower consumers to combat plastic pollution with ease. Each wash not only delivers impeccable cleanliness but also addresses the plastic dilemma.

Anthony McCourt, Co-Founder at MACK, talks about the shared mission: “Our partnership with Notpla aligns perfectly with our mission to provide customers with a truly sustainable, eco-friendly cleaning solution that leaves zero legacy on the planet for future generations.”

Amazing Eco News MACK and Notpla's innovate detergent pouch does away with plastic pollution
MACK and Notpla's innovate detergent pouch does away with plastic pollution

What a great and innovative partnership to help people embrace a cleaner future without compromising convenience. That really is amazing eco news helping to solve the issue of plastic pollution. Read on for your next story of inspiring eco change.

Amazing Eco News: EVRi Orders First Electric HGV

Evri, the parcel delivery company, is taking significant steps towards a sustainable future by ordering its inaugural electric Heavy Goods Vehicle (HGV). This aligns with their ambitious goal of achieving net-zero emissions by 2035. The move comes on the heels of last month’s announcement regarding the trial of two electric HGVs, which is continuing separately.

In tandem with this, Evri is fortifying its fleet by incorporating an additional 12 bio-compressed Natural Gas (CNG) Iveco S-Way tractor units, bringing the total count of eco-friendly vehicles to 202. These units, which are already in active service, reduce emissions by a commendable 80%.

This month, Evri has also welcomed the arrival of 43 elongated rigid vehicles, which allows for 20 pallets instead of 16. These vehicles, slated for operation by the end of October, will significantly reduce the number of vehicles on the road and reduce overall mileage.

David Landy, the Head of Fleet at Evri, expressed his enthusiasm saying, “We’re excited to get our hands on our first permanent electric HGV.” He emphasised the pride the company takes in investing in sustainable vehicles.

Amazing Eco News EVRI has ordered its first all electric HGV to add to its sustainability measures
EVRI has ordered its first all electric HGV to add to its sustainability measures

This is amazing eco news from a household name, taking steps to be more sustainable and provide a better future for all! Please keep reading to see our last story for sustainable inspiration!

Amazing Eco News: Study Shows the Preloved Market is Growing

According to a study conducted by Barclaycard Payments and Development Economics resale and rental services has proved immensely profitable for 82% of retailers. This signals a significant shift in business models. The study shows that the ‘recommerce’ market, encompassing both resale and rental, is growing in the UK and currently valued at a substantial £6.99 billion.

Fashion United reports that 40% of consumers now opt for second-hand or rental items more frequently than they did just a year ago. Presently, nearly half of UK retailers (46%) offer a resale option, with an additional 27% thinking about launching the service.

The sectors with the highest engagement in this trend are entertainment and electronics, comprising 47%, closely trailed by clothing and accessory rental at 43%. This shift is not merely a trend but a solid business strategy. 

Linda Weston, Managing Director at Barclaycard Payments, says, “Our data demonstrates just how beneficial this can prove to revenue and income streams amidst a challenging economic climate.”

Amazing Eco News - Nearly half of UK retailers now offer preloved options in a big shift towards sustainability
Nearly half of UK retailers now offer preloved options in a big shift towards sustainability

Eshita Kabra-Davies, Founder of By Rotation, sees a future where circular solutions like rental and resale will be standard practice, stating, “I believe circular solutions such as rental and resale will be commonplace for brands and retailers by 2030.”

This is amazing eco news and shows a shift in consumer behaviour towards more sustainable behaviour. Not only that but, the retailers are taking note and creating positive eco-action to meet this shift!

Amazing Eco News: Wrap Up

When it comes to sustainability, our Amazing Eco News is a beacon of hope and inspiration. We believe that every positive step towards a greener future counts, and that’s why we’re thrilled to share stories like MACK and Notpla’s groundbreaking partnership, ushering in an eco-friendly cleaning revolution. EVRI’s milestone order of the first Electric HGV marks a significant leap towards cleaner transportation solutions. Additionally, the encouraging study highlighting the growing preloved market underscores a shift towards conscious consumption.

We hope these stories resonate and ignite a sense of possibility, encouraging you to take your own steps towards positive change. It’s vital to realize that amidst the challenges, there’s a wealth of positive action happening, and together, we can continue to make a meaningful impact on our planet’s well-being.

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