Amazing Sustainability News – 27.2.23

Amazing Sustainability News For You

Kicking off the week on a high note is important and reading the latest amazing sustainability news does just that!

This week’s news focuses on more positive happenings in the world of sustainability, showing you just how varied the positive change is.

So if you want to feel good about the future, check out the three stories below.

Amazing Sustainability News From Bitcoin

The world of Bitcoin is fraught with sustainability issues, from the tech involved to the energy used to power it.

But to counteract this, the New York-based startup Sustainable Bitcoin Protocol is developing what it calls a Sustainable Bitcoin Certificate (SBC).

This certificate provides a tokenized product “that captures the value of bitcoin mined using renewable energy.”

The certificates will be sold to institutional investors who will store them alongside bitcoin in order to make sure that their assets are climate-positive and in line with their environmental objectives.

Furthermore, there are three processes through which the certificates are obtainable.

Firstly, utilising green energy sources including hydro, solar, and wind. Secondly, by supporting renewable energy financially through the purchase and retirement of Energy Attribute Certificates.

Finally, through implementing CO2 reduction technology.

Sustainable Bitcoin Protocol CEO said:

Amazing Sustainability News - Crypto is about to become more sustainable thanks to a new start up
Crypto is about to become more sustainable thanks to a new start up

“Bitcoin has long been criticised for its energy consumption, but we’re turning that perception on its head. By creating a verifiably climate-positive asset, we’re harnessing the power of Bitcoin to drive the clean energy transition and combat climate change.”.

This is amazing sustainability news for the Crypto world and hopefully, will become the norm of the future!

Amazing Sustainability News From Canada

As the country seeks to improve its economy, the Canadian government has unveiled a new jobs plan that emphasises sustainability.

The government will also try to steer workers away from the fossil fuel industry and towards clean energy as part of the programme.

A “just transition” plan, which will cover the years from 2023 to 2025, will be one of the initiative’s new initiatives. As part of the plan, a training facility for sustainable jobs will be developed, in addition to a new government advisory body being established. In order to ensure that this sustainable jobs strategy remains relevant and effective, the government will review it every five years.

Jonathan Wilkinson, Canada’s Minister for Natural Resources said:

“Canada has what it takes to become the clean energy and technology supplier of choice in a net zero world. With this plan, the federal government is taking yet another step forward to ensure that Canada’s workers have the skills and support necessary to seize this generational opportunity.”

Amazing Sustainability News - Canada could create an extra 400,000 jobs in the green sector
Canada could create an extra 400,000 jobs in the green sector

The strategy, which is a 32-page paper, took three years to develop. Recent research from the Royal Bank of Canada predicts that up to 400,000 clean energy employment might be created in the economy.

What amazing sustainability news showing a government taking the sustainable transition seriously!

Amazing Sustainability News From Australia

According to a report by the Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO), the country set records for renewable energy activity and low energy demand.

This resulted in a three-month period of record-low greenhouse gas emissions for the last quarter of 2022.

Six months after a new Labor government led by Anthony Albanese was elected, Australia is raising its climate ambitions. The country intends to achieve net zero emissions by 2050. To meet this commitment, sufficient renewable energy must be developed to meet the needs of the country.

Renewables such as wind, solar, and hydropower provided more than 40% of Australia’s power in the fourth quarter of 2022, the highest level since the country’s inception.

Maintaining system reliability despite a high renewable energy percentage was a success thanks to the Hornsdale big battery and gas generation.

Operational demand also decreased to a record low for the fourth quarter as residential rooftop solar panels helped generate more energy.

Amazing Sustainability News - Canada could create an extra 400,000 jobs in the green sector
Canada could create an extra 400,000 jobs in the green sector


If Australia, with its vast coal reserves and high summer temperatures, can have this kind of impact on its grid, so can most other developed countries. We can eliminate coal and from the energy mix; all that is required is planning and investment.

Amazing sustainability news for the future of our planet!

That's All Our Amazing Sustainability News For Today

You have read three of last week’s Amazing sustainability news stories, but there are many more happening all across the world.

Every week we will highlight more and more!

Definitely, reasons to be cheerful!

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