ASDA opens new sustainability store

Asda recently opened a new sustainability testing shop and unveiled a new plastic reduction strategy. It promises customers will no longer pay more for greener options.

Asda has partnered with some of the UK’s most popular local brands including PG Tips, Vimto, Kellogg’s, Radox and Persil to create a store based in Middleton, Leeds.

The business aims to make it easier for customers to reduce, reuse and recycle. Asda estimates the numerous initiatives Middleton tested will save a million plastic parts annually.

Asda will use the Middleton Store to test and find out which elements of the new offering will attract the most customers and which can be expanded by 2021.

To encourage customers to shop sustainably, the mall also unveiled the national “Greener Than Asda” price promise that loose and unpackaged products cost the most packaged equivalents.

The new store offers the following features:

  • 15 large filling stations offer customers a choice of more than 30 household staples sold in a refillable format.
  • Products include various Kellogg muesli, PG Tips tea bags, Quaker oats, Lavazza and Taylors von Harrogate coffee beans, personal rice and Vimto Cordial and Asdas pasta.
  • In the field of replenishment, popular shampoos, conditioners, detergents from Persil, Unilever brands such as Simple and Radox, hand washing and shower gels, which are sold in a refillable format – especially in retail.
  • A total of 53 fresh product lines are sold, unpackaged and packaged, including 29 new lines such as cauliflower, mushrooms, apples, cabbage and plum tomatoes. In addition, all Asda plants and flowers are sold unwrapped or wrapped in paper.
  • Removal of outer plastic film from several popular canned Heinz and Asda reusable packaging, including beans and soups.
  • In collection facilities for items that are difficult to recycle, such as: B. Crispy and biscuits, plastic toys, cosmetic containers and toothpaste tubes.
  • The machine can be the first to return, beverage bottles made of plastic and glass, as well as a system for recycling clothes hangers, which will be delivered to all stores.
  • The store will also introduce sustainable clothing lines through George, including garments made from recycled polyester and denim-free denim.
  • A new community area for pop-ups and partnerships with charities; The first is a three-month trial with a sold-out army owner from a store where customers can donate their unwanted clothing and garbage seven days a week.
  • Collaboration with antique wholesaler Pre-Loved, which sells custom antique clothing from popular brands.

With the opening of a new eco-friendly store, Asda has launched a new strategy for plastics and sustainability.

Asda recognizes that green shopping must be affordable and affordable for all customers and is committed to ensuring that customers do not pay more for greener options. The company is also aiming for 2040. Reduce carbon emissions by 50% and no later than 2050. – to reduce its impact on nature.

In 2018 Asda has set a target for 2021. Plastic packaging production dropped 15% and the company has since removed more than 9,300 tons of plastic from sales. Now, by 2025, ASDA has made another commitment. Remove 3 billion pieces of plastic from their brand.

Their target for 2023. Deliver over 40 reusable products by 2030. Invest in 50 closed and circular projects in close collaboration with recycling companies, recycling brands and product developers.

Here at Play It Green, we think these steps to reduce plastic and packaging, create a circular economy and innovate for the future are fantastic steps being taken to help save the planet!

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