Astonishing Eco Change: Sustainability News 11th December

Amazing Eco Change: Introduction

Discover Astonishing Eco Change every Monday through Play It Green’s weekly sustainability news. We’re your guiding light, showcasing how simple actions create meaningful impacts in our lives and businesses. At Play It Green, we’re all about collaboration and shared values, empowering our community with knowledge to trigger positive change. 

These changes set off a chain reaction, influencing other businesses to join the sustainability movement. Dive into this week’s edition for insights and inspiration. Take another step toward a sustainable future and be inspired by this week’s featured changemakers by reading on.

Astonishing Eco Change: Danone Invests in Methane Reduction

In our first story of astonishing eco change, we see a collaboration between the Global Methane Hub (GMH) and Danone. Marking a historic milestone, Danone proudly becomes the inaugural corporate supporter of the Enteric Fermentation R&D Accelerator. This is the world’s most extensive collaborative research initiative focused on enteric methane.

With an impressive $200M fund, this initiative is poised to revolutionise solutions for livestock farmers, addressing the critical issue of enteric fermentation in ruminant livestock.

“Agriculture is a sector where methane reduction efforts can have an extraordinary impact,” emphasises Marcelo Mena, CEO of the Global Methane Hub. “By significantly scaling up investments, we can accelerate progress in developing practical and innovative solutions. This ensures greater economic and food security for local communities, transforming the landscape of sustainable farming.”

Beyond financial backing, Danone’s commitment extends to the development of a groundbreaking methane accounting and feed optimisation tool for dairy cattle. 

Astonishing Eco Change Danone is the first corporate partner of the Global Methane Hub
Danone is the first corporate partner of the Global Methane Hub

Kicking off with a pilot program in Morocco involving 1,000 farmers, this tool aims to demonstrate its potential to enhance livestock productivity, increase income, and reduce methane emissions.

Read on for more inspiration and insights into the inspirational and astonishing eco change happening around the world.

Astonishing Eco Change: Carbon Accounting Firms for Carbon Accounting Alliance

In our next story of astonishing eco change, we see the launch of the Carbon Accounting Alliance. Carbon accounting firms, measuring emissions for 23,000 global organisations, have united to promote standardisation and regulation in this evolving sector. “In collaboration lies the solution to the climate crisis,” expressed Emilien Hoet, Managing Director at ClimatePartner and Co-Founder of the Carbon Accounting Alliance.

“The CAA provides a forum to share challenges, positively influence policy, and move faster for collective impact.”

The alliance aims to elevate the effectiveness of the carbon accounting industry through formal qualifications and government engagement. Despite efforts to harmonise carbon accounting standards, ambiguity remains in methodologies and rules, prompting the alliance’s resolve for consistency and clarity.

Addressing data gaps is pivotal. The alliance advocates for mandatory data sharing between commercial landlords and tenants to overcome barriers to measuring emissions. They’re urging governments to prioritise carbon accounting skills in green skills and jobs policies to meet the escalating demand for sustainability expertise.

Astonishing Eco Change The Carbon Accounting Alliance was formed by Planet Mark and ClimatePartner
The Carbon Accounting Alliance was formed by Planet Mark and ClimatePartner

The Carbon Accounting Alliance, founded by Planet Mark and ClimatePartner, welcomes bodies passionate about making a positive impact. Read on for your final dose of inspirational and astonishing eco change.

Astonishing Eco Change: NHS Sustainable Procurement Framework Launched

Our final story of astonishing eco change sees the NHS Shared Business Services (NHS SBS) unveil a groundbreaking sustainable transport and infrastructure framework. Committed to reducing its carbon footprint, the NHS aims to tackle the 4% contribution it makes to the nation’s overall carbon emissions.

“By collaborating and aligning with NHS green travel plans, our framework stands as a convenient and compliant means for NHS organisations to procure sustainable transport services,” stated Anjub Ali, senior construction specialist at NHS SBS.

Transitioning to zero-emission vehicles and promoting active travel methods like cycling, walking, and car sharing stand as pivotal steps. The NHS eyes low-carbon logistics and the use of pedal power for the transportation of goods to align with its sustainable transport goals.

In a bid to combat air pollution, NHS England pledges complete decarbonisation of its fleet by 2035. From 2030, all new ambulances will be zero-emission vehicles, advancing further with the plan for all owned and commissioned vehicles to be zero-emission by 2040.

Astonishing Eco Change The NHS is committed to transitioning to Zero Emission vehicles
The NHS is committed to transitioning to Zero Emission vehicles

The ‘Net Zero Travel and Transport Strategy’ aims to slash staff travel emissions by 50% by 2033, emphasising the shift towards sustainable travel modes and electrification of personal vehicles.

Amazing work by the NHS, accepting its impact on Britain’s overall footprint and taking steps to make the impact less.

Astonishing Eco Change: Wrap Up

In wrapping up our exploration of astonishing eco change we have seen some great stories. Danone’s sustainable initiatives, the birth of the Carbon Accounting Alliance, and the NHS’s commitment to greener transport paint a vivid picture of positive transformations. These tales showcase the power of change, inspiring us all to recognise the positivity blooming around us. Witnessing global entities make impactful shifts fosters a ripple effect, compelling others to embark on their sustainability journeys. 

As we celebrate these stories, let them serve as a reminder that every eco-conscious choice contributes to a brighter future. Join the Play It Green community in embracing these inspiring narratives. Together, let’s amplify the positive change that ripples across communities and industries alike. Take the first step towards a greener tomorrow and join us on this journey of transformation.

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