Automedi Innovates in Plastic Waste

Automedi Innovates for Circularity with Plastic Waste

Play It Green and Automedi have been partners for a while now.

Recently we heard about an awesome story involving plastic waste and circularity.

If you didn’t already know, Automedi takes plastic waste and recycles it on location. into useful products that can be 3D printed.

This is a fantastic innovation that gives plastic waste value and keeps recycling local.

As well as that, it helps to lower the footprint and empower local communities.

We caught up with Ethar Alali, the forward-thinking leader behind this award-winning and innovative business to find out more.

How does Automedi Work?

1. Collect your plastic waste

To separate plastics at the source, used plastics are first collected in dedicated, risk-appropriate bins.

This could be at a neighbourhood pharmacy, a school or even a hospital estate.

Automedi - One of Automedi's risk appropriate brand plastic collection bins
One of Automedi's risk appropriate brand plastic collection bins

2. The plastic is safely recycled

Whilst the company supplying the waste does other things, Automedi reprocesses plastic into consumables for their 3D printing fleet.

This adds no logistics, saves money on waste disposal and lowers overall emissions.

Automedi can recycle medicine pots into 3 D printer ink
Automedi can recycle medicine pots into 3D printer ink

3. Make on demand

The consumables are then used with a 3D printer to make items on demand through their printer’s vending interface.

It’s a matter of tap and go!

Any type of 3D item can be made all you need is the blueprint on the printer’s vending software.

Automedi's 3D printer can make all sorts of items out of plastic waste
Automedi's 3D printer can make all sorts of items out of plastic waste

What was the awesome story about Automedi?

Recently, the Automedi team members visited Vernon Mill to promote their plastic recycling open day which was to take place the following week.

They visited Spectrum Print and Plastic who were discussing that very topic the moment they walked in. They were presenting at Edinburgh’s Edge 2023 event soon after.

Following the conversation with the Automedi team, they decided to visit Automedi’s open day.

After the open day, they returned the next day, with a delivery of some of their usual plastic waste.

The plastic waste was analysed and turned into lanyards for the Spectrum Print team to use in Edinburgh.

Incredibly, this was done all in the space of a day!

From plastic waste to a product that fulfils a need and is worth money – it really is a great way to make plastic waste worth something!

Automedi is Small but Scalable

The whole concept of Automedi means that it can be effective at a local level, but is scalable to every other local area.

It does for waste, manufacturing and supply, what the internet did for mainframe.

Democratising the recycling and manufacturing process.

As well as that, it reduces the footprint of the recycling process, reduces transportation emissions and turns waste plastic into a commodity.

Whilst it may be early days, this innovation solves a number of issues holding back plastic recycling and has been proven to work.

Furthermore, it ticks the box for circularity and means less virgin plastic needs to be used.

With Automedi it’s a matter of recycling and then reusing, on a simple and local level.

Play It Green’s Thoughts

The future will be shaped by innovation and change.

What Automedi is doing is fantastic and has taken the issue of plastic waste and turned it on its head, showing that you can make waste a commodity.

By doing this, it will encourage recycling and add value to the local economy.

It just goes to show that innovation starts with individuals and for that Ethar, we salute you!

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