B Corp Fest: An Event for Purpose-Led Business

B Corp Fest

Play It Green is excited to be attending the upcoming B Corp Fest event on Monday 5th June 2023.

The event will be held at The Wellbeing Farm and runs from 9.30 am to 4.30 pm. 

Our two co-founders will be there and Play It Green will be represented amongst the plethora of ‘Better Businesses’.

It is a unique opportunity for business leaders, disruptors, change-makers, and decision-makers to come together in a fun and engaging atmosphere.

B Corp Fest Logo

B Corp Fest: Combining Business with Fun

B Corp Fest is not your typical business event. Rather than relying on PowerPoint presentations, the event is centred around workshops, networking, and personalised action planning.

The goal is to create a lively and engaging environment that inspires attendees to take action.

B Corp Fest: Actionable Insights to Transform Your Business

By attending the B Corp Fest, you’ll gain a wealth of actionable insights to help transform your business. You’ll learn more about purpose-led business, understand how to use your business as a force for good and generate ideas to engage with your local community.

The B Corp Fest is designed to help you create a personalised action plan that will enable you to make a positive impact in your industry. You’ll get ideas to improve staff and team well-being, create actions to do your part to save the planet, and experience amazing healthy food purposely designed to energise you.

B Corp Fest: Have Fun and Make Connections

Aside from gaining actionable insights, the B Corp Fest is an excellent opportunity to have fun and make connections. You’ll get to experience bow tie-wearing llamas and sheep, enjoy amazing healthy food, and network with other like-minded business leaders. The day ends with the People, Planet, Pint Networking, which is sure to be a highlight.

Finally, you’ll learn about how to become a B Corp and how this amazing movement can transform your business. Play It Green encourages you to book your place now to avoid disappointment and ensure that you don’t miss out on this incredible event. 

Get your tickets today at:


Play It Green members can use the discount code discount20 at checkout to receive a fantastic 20% discount on their tickets! Big thanks to the leadership team at The Wellbeing Farm for providing this!

We hope to see you there!

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