Binnacle Joins Play it Green to become Climate Positive

Binnacle Insurance, the leading leisure sector insurance provider, have signed up to Play it Green to make their entire workforce climate positive. They also plan to plant a tree for every policy that switches to paperless.


Play it Green’s Climate Positive Workforce is a unique 3-step solution to help businesses deliver real social and environmental change.


For a nominal monthly subscription fee businesses can Repair the environment by planting enough trees to offset the carbon impact of all their employees, Reduce their footprint through behaviour change with weekly tips and discounts on sustainable products, and Regive 10% of their subscription to a good cause of their choice.


As sustainability becomes increasingly important to people throughout the U.K., for businesses must adapt and focus on the impact they have to grow.


One industry where this is becoming increasingly important is the holiday and residential home parks industry, which Binnacle provide specialist coverage for through Compass Insurance.


Holiday homes and parks are not only surrounded by our natural environment but as people become aware of the impact of their travelling, more and more are looking at ‘staycations’ as an environmentally-friendly alternative.


As the industry grows, Binnacles partnership with Play it Green will enhance their brand as a sustainable company, making them stand out from others.


Play it Green have also partnered with Elite Dynamics, the biggest software provider to the U.K. holiday park industry, to allow holiday parks the chance to make a positive impact of their own.


You can find out more about this on their website, with updates coming very soon.

“Our customers’ have a passionate approach to sustainability and the UK parks industry is a fantastic ambassador for the natural environment. At Binnacle we share that passion and are committed to positive change.


“An increasing number of our customers are being impacted by extreme weather events, something that is very much linked to climate change. In our position as one of the industry’s most established insurance providers we have a responsibility to drive positive change with a strong ESG proposition.  


“Signing up to Play it Green’s Climate Positive Workforce programme is an important step towards our goal to become a ‘net zero’ business and will help bolster our Path to Paperless scheme. The CPW programme offers an extremely straightforward and affordable way for us to lower our carbon footprint. The additional resources offered by Play it Green and their partners will also help steer the business towards a much more sustainable future.


“We couldn’t be more excited to be working with Play it Green. We have been inspired by the opportunity and expect to see lots more of our customers and connections doing likewise in the very near future.”


 Richard Walker, Head of Digital and Product, Binnacle

‘I am very proud to be collaborating with Binnacle and Compass Parks to bring sustainability to their workforce and to meet the growing need for sustainability within every level of business. Providing our three-step solution to climate change of repair, reduce and regive to the holiday park industry is something I am personally passionate about.’


Richard Dickson, Co-Founder, Play it Green

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Join Play it Green to REPAIR the environment through reforestation, REDUCE your footprint with weekly tips and discounts on sustainable products, and REGIVE 10% to a good cause of your choice.
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