Brilliant Eco Change: Sustainability News Dec 4th 2023

Amazing Eco Change: Introduction

Welcome to Play It Green’s weekly sustainability news—your brilliant eco change beacon arriving every Monday! We’re your go-to source for illuminating positive shifts creating a greener world. The spotlight is on how simple actions spark impactful transformations, fostering change in both personal and business worlds.

Collaboration is key, uniting us around shared values, and amplifying our collective influence. Our stories aim to be not just informative; but rather, empowering. Learn how small adjustments create ripples, inspiring others. Join us in this journey toward sustainability!

Dive into our articles for inspiration and together, let’s make every week a step closer to a brighter, more eco-conscious future. Read on for fresh insights!

Brilliant Eco Change: Unilever Shares Patents Freely with Competitors

In a move of truly ‘Brilliant Eco Change’, Unilever is set to revolutionise the ice cream industry by sharing 12 reformulation patents, aiming to combat freezer emissions. Following successful pilots warming up ice cream freezer cabinets, the company plans to grant a free, non-exclusive license to the industry, encouraging a shift from the current -18°C standard to a more energy-efficient -12°C.

This endeavour aligns with Unilever’s commitment to environmental responsibility, as highlighted by Andy Sztehlo, Chief R&D Officer Ice Cream at Unilever: “By granting a free non-exclusive license to these 12 reformulation patents, we hope our peers and partners from across the ice cream sector will benefit and work to tackle emissions across the industry.”

The research conducted at Unilever’s Global Ice Cream R&D Centre in Colworth and the successful pilots in Germany demonstrated a significant 25% energy reduction per freezer cabinet at the warmer temperature of -12°C, making it both environmentally friendly and cost-effective.

Brilliant Eco Change - Unilever has shared 12 patents freely with competitors to reduce the impact of ice cream
Unilever has shared 12 patents freely with competitors to reduce the impact of ice cream

As retail ice cream freezers contribute to 10% of Unilever’s greenhouse gas footprint, this initiative plays a crucial role in the company’s Climate Transition Action Plan, aiming for net-zero emissions across its value chain by 2039. Dive into our weekly sustainability news for more inspiring stories on transformative initiatives like this. Together, let’s embrace positive change and create a brighter, eco-conscious future!

Brilliant Eco Change: LIDL Slashes Food and Plastic Waste

In its Brilliant Eco Change journey, Lidl GB, the first discounter endorsing the WWF’s Retailers’ Commitment for Nature, unveils remarkable strides in sustainability. The recently published ‘Good Food’ report showcases Lidl’s commitment to reducing food waste by an impressive 43% since 2016.

Following this, the company is on track to achieve a 50% reduction by 2030. Furthermore, Lidl’s innovative ‘Too Good to Waste’ initiative prevented nearly 9,000 tonnes of food waste. On top of that, providing 1.7 million boxes with 5kg of fruits and veggies—equivalent to 50 portions of 5-a-day.

Addressing packaging concerns, Lidl has cut plastic usage by 29% since 2017, with a goal of a 40% reduction by 2025. Over 95% of Lidl’s own-brand packaging is now recyclable or reusable. Collaborating with Prevented Ocean Plastic, Lidl halted 15 million plastic bottles from entering oceans. Furthermore, Lidl’s dedication extends to carbon reduction projects, water catchment initiatives, and supporting LEAF Marque certified suppliers for sustainable farming.

Brilliant Eco Change - Supermarket LIDL has reduced its food waste by an impressive 43% since 2016
Supermarket LIDL has reduced its food waste by an impressive 43% since 2016

Mark Newbold, Senior CSR Manager at Lidl GB, emphasises, “Little changes make a big difference.” Lidl pledges to halve the environmental impact of customers’ shopping baskets by 2030, aligning with the WWF’s commitment. Explore our next weekly sustainability news story for more inspiring tales of change. Join us in celebrating every eco-conscious step toward a brighter future!

Brilliant Eco Change: Octopus Energy Commits to £3BN Investment in Offshore Wind

In a move heralding a Brilliant Eco Change, Octopus Energy is set to embark on its first offshore wind fund. This amazing move sees the company commit to a £3 billion investment in global projects by the end of the decade, alongside Tokyo Gas.

The ‘Octopus Energy Offshore Wind Fund,’ with a £190 million cornerstone investment from Tokyo Gas, aims to reduce fossil fuel reliance and enhance energy security, focusing predominantly on European projects. This initiative aligns with Octopus Energy’s dedication to green energy projects, currently managing around £6 billion worth.

Octopus Energy Generation CEO Zoisa North-Bond said, “It’s absolutely brilliant to launch our first-ever fund dedicated solely to offshore wind investment together with such a visionary partner Tokyo Gas. The potential to make a positive impact, boost energy security, and reduce fossil fuels dependence is massive with offshore wind.” Tokyo Gas VP Kentaro Kimoto echoes this sentiment, emphasising their commitment to offshore wind development.

Brilliant Eco Change Octopus Energy and Tokyo Gas have committed £3BN to offshore wind
Octopus Energy and Tokyo Gas have committed £3BN to offshore wind

This endeavour expands on Octopus Energy’s existing partnership with Tokyo Gas, symbolising a collaborative effort to tap into the vast offshore wind opportunity globally. Join us in exploring more exciting stories of transformative initiatives in our weekly sustainability news. Let’s inspire and embrace positive changes for a greener tomorrow!

Wrap Up

Embracing the wave of Brilliant Eco Change, our featured stories on Unilever’s patent sharing, LIDL’s impactful reductions in food waste and plastic usage, and Octopus Energy’s pioneering offshore wind fund are beacons of positivity in a world striving for sustainability. These success stories aren’t just headlines; they are sparks that can ignite personal and collective change.

As Unilever, LIDL, and Octopus Energy lead the charge, their commitment inspires a domino effect, showing us that positive actions, big or small, can create a profound impact. Recognising the multitude of positive initiatives happening around us can be a powerful catalyst for individuals to realise their role in the broader eco-conscious movement.

Let these stories be a reminder that change is not only possible but happening every day. Join us in celebrating these victories and be part of the Play It Green community—where every positive action contributes to the collective brilliance of eco-friendly change. Dive in, be inspired, and let’s build a sustainable future together!

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