Brilliant Eco News 13.2.23.

Eco News To Feel Great About

If you want to read something that will make you feel good and give you hope, then look no further than today’s brilliant eco news!

Our news stories focus on positive action and change that will speed up the transition to a sustainable world.

With that being said, here are our three happenings from last week that clearly show positive change is happening where it counts (everywhere).

Read on to find out more.

Brilliant Eco News From NatWest

British bank NatWest has said that it will stop providing loans to new customers wishing to support oil and gas development as well as other operations to fund oil and gas exploration.

This is in anticipation of a more comprehensive climate strategy being released soon.

The lending will be phased out from the beginning of 2026 both in terms of new business and renewals.

According to CEO Alison Rose:

“We will ensure our capital is being used to support a transition while reducing the financing of harmful emissions.

I hope this sends strong signals that we are serious about ending the most harmful activity while financing the transition.”

Following the news, next week, NatWest’s new climate plan and the bank’s annual report are both released.

It will outline strategies to cut emissions in half for both projects and businesses it supports by 2030.

Following this, NatWest’s plan is to be one of the first climate plans disclosed by a UK bank.

Brilliant Eco News - NatWest to stop financing oil and gas
NatWest to stop financing oil and gas

This is brilliant eco news and will hopefully set in motion a domino effect of change throughout the ‘traditional’ banks.

Great work Natwest.

Awesome Eco News From T-Mobile

In our constantly connected world, millions of people use T-Mobile across the US.

This makes it one of the biggest telecommunications businesses in the country.

The company, which is built on a strong environmental record, announces that it intends to achieve its net zero objectives by 2040.

To support this goal, T-Mobile tells the world that it has signed up for the Climate Pledge.

The coalition of businesses and organisations signed up to ‘The Climate Pledge collaborates to reduce carbon footprints on a worldwide scale.

Following this announcement, the company is setting goals in line with the Science-Based Targets Initiative (SBTi).

CEO Mike Sievert said:

“As we know sustainability is important to our customers and stakeholders. T-Mobile has made great progress in reducing our environmental footprint.

Now we’re taking even bigger steps to reduce our carbon emissions.”

T-Mobile will also be announcing other sustainability initiatives shortly.

Amazing Eco News - T-Mobile announces climate pledge
T-Mobile announces climate pledge

It’s truly brilliant eco news when the CEO of a major organisation is seen to be taking genuine, transparent and impactful action.

Great work T-Mobile.

Amazing Eco News From Pinterest

In its first-ever Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) Impact Report, Pinterest outlines strategies to reach its new sustainability target.

This target is to use only renewable energy sources, engage workers in sustainability efforts, and lower Scope 3 emissions.

Following the release of its bold target, their report was released on Friday (10 February).

It has the theme “inspiring a brighter future”.

The report outlines the efforts and achievements that Pinterest has accomplished over the past two years.

Along with initiatives to incorporate nature into the design phase of new buildings, Pinterest pledges to use 100% renewable electricity.

This is across all of its locations worldwide by the end of 2023.

Since 2018, Pinterest has collaborated on a reduction in emissions with Amazon Web Services (AWS). By 2025, AWS data centres will be entirely powered by renewable energy.

The overall reduction in Scope 3 emissions saw a drop from 169,563tCO2e in 2019 to 137,299tCO2e in 2021.

To promote sustainable practises, the company unveiled PinPlanet on Earth Day 2022.

As well as this they set up “Pinspiration Group” of more than 400 employees.

Bill Ready, CEO of Pinterest said:

“We’re proud of the milestones highlighted in our inaugural ESG impact report.

Amazing Eco News - Pinterest publishes first ever ESG report

And we also know that making progress in support of these important pillars is an ongoing journey—and we have more to do.

With that in mind we intend to continue with urgency, optimism, and a focus on impact at every step.”

Great work, Pinterest for taking climate change seriously and bringing this brilliant eco news, from a platform with 500 million monthly users!

That's All Our Amazing Eco News For Today

That’s the news for this Monday – and now you are right up to date.

Hopefully, you see that positive change is happening everywhere, in almost every industry.

With all that being said, let’s all take action and be the positive change we wish to see in the world!

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