Brilliant Eco News for 20.2.23.

There Is So Much Brilliant Eco News

Every single day, people and businesses are taking steps to make sustainable changes making brilliant eco news for you to read.

Whether the news inspires you to make changes or just makes you feel good, its positive action that will make you feel good.

This week’s news comes from the Netherlands and the UK and clearly shows that sustainable change is happening more and more.

So, if you want to feel good about the world and keep up to date with the latest fantastic sustainability news, read on!

Brilliant Eco News about UK Green Jobs

According to official new figures, the number of UK-based jobs in low-carbon and renewable energy sectors in 2021 is nearly 40,000 higher than in 2020.

On February 16, the Office for National Statistics released its most recent annual report on the green economy.

This report includes information for the entire year 2021.

The survey examines employment in 17 fields related to low-carbon and renewable energy.

These include electric vehicle manufacturing, energy efficiency, energy flexibility, and nuclear power generation.

According to the report, there were 247,400 full-time equivalent jobs in the UK in 2021, up from 207,800 in 2020.

In the midst of lockdowns, job growth slowed between 2019 and 2020, although it now appears to be recovering dramatically.

As well as this recovery, there was a huge increase of 71% in the numbers employed in the low-carbon vehicle wholesale, retail and repair space!

Brilliant Eco News - The UK sees 40,000 new 'green' jobs created
The UK sees 40,000 new 'green' jobs created

This is brillaint eco-news for those wanting to transition to a role in the green economy.

More eco jobs and more sustainable action can only be great for the planet!

Fantastic Eco News For Offshore Carbon Removal

Global online retailer, Amazon has announced funding support for the expansion of state-of-the-art carbon-sequestering seaweed farms.

These farms are to be found by offshore wind turbines several kilometres off the Dutch coast, offering some brilliant eco news!

A first-of-its-kind seaweed farm will be built with the help of a €1.5 million investment from Amazon.

On top of this, it will also fund a scientific investigation into the projects’ potential to reduce carbon emissions.

The money will be used to build a 10-hectare seaweed farm.

It is expected to have a first-year production capacity of at least 6,000 kg of fresh seaweed.

Amazon’s EU Sustainability Director, Zak Watts said: “Seaweed could be a key tool in removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. Yet it’s currently farmed at a relatively small scale in Europe. We’re delighted to fund this project to help us reach a greater understanding of its ability to help fight climate change.”

Brilliant Eco News - Seaweed could be a key tool in removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere
Seaweed could be a key tool in removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere

The money is provided by Amazon’s $100 million Right Now Climate Fund.

Already, the fund has already provided more than $20 million to biodiversity and nature projects throughout the EU.

This is brilliant eco news and gives us hope for the future. Let’s hope Amazon can add a zero to the money it commits!

Brilliant Eco News For Offshore Wind Power

The UK’s offshore wind pipeline has grown by 14 GW year over year.

This is according to the prominent trade group RenewableUK, bringing the total to 99.8 GW.

1 GW is enough to power 750,000 homes in the UK.

A total of 13.7GW of projects are fully operating, and a further 13.6GW are either in the building phase now or very likely to start soon.

Other projects totalling 1.075 GW are only partially operational.

As well as this, the UK government wants to install 50 GW of offshore wind by 2030.

This is a raise of 10GW from the goal of 40GW in the British Energy Security Plan released in April of last year.

In doing so, the Government confirmed intentions for offshore wind and nuclear power to be the main suppliers in the energy transition.

Most impressive is the fact that the pipeline for sustainable energy production is almost double the government’s target!

Things do need to be put into perspective though.

Some countries such as Brazil and the US are growing their renewable energy infrastructure much quicker than the UK.

Brilliant Eco News - The UK's offshore wind pipeline has grown by 14 GW year over year
The UK's offshore wind pipeline has grown by 14 GW year over year

With that being said, this is brilliant eco news for the renewable energy sector.

With government help, it could see us turn the corner when it comes to the renewable energy transition.

Help could include actions such as reducing taxation on renewables, and reducing the cost to the public.

That's All Our Awesome Eco News For Today

We’ve highlighted three of last week’s brilliant eco news stories, but there are many more happening all across the world.

Definitely, reasons to be cheerful!

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