Buzzin Sounds Makes A Sustainable Change with Play It Green

Buzzin’ Sounds Studio has partnered with Play It Green to make their workforce climate positive, drive sustainability within their business, and make an even greater positive environmental and social impact.


We recently met up with Aaron Fletcher their founder to find out more about Buzzin’ Sounds, why they joined Play It Green and what the future holds for this up-and-coming sound studio!

Please, tell us a little about Buzzin’ Sounds Studio.

Buzzin’ Sounds is a recording studio first and foremost but we really support and facilitate the creation of most forms of audio.


We’ve grown a lot over the past 3 years from being a simple recording studio to offering podcast & VoiceOver recordings, career support for musicians, podcast production, live events & equipment hire and now we’re producing our own content.


I like to think that we essentially facilitate quality audio creation, as well as supporting our creatives to deliver the best possible quality and move forward in their careers.


We’re all about quality audio but we’re also all about personal and professional growth. I want everyone who walks through my doors to leave a better musician/podcaster/creator and, if possible, a better person.

Aaron, Founder of Buzzin' Sounds at the recording desk

Aaron, Founder of Buzzin' Sounds with the Lord Mayor

Samina in the booth recording a voice-over.

What does the future hold for Buzzin sounds?

We’re always looking to grow.


We’re hoping that by this time next year we’ll have new space and be able to offer bigger and better services and support more and more individuals.


Without wanting to sound arrogant, I want Buzzin’ Sounds to be a place that’s seen as a centre of excellence for audio in Manchester and we’re working towards being exactly that.


But we’ve grown a lot over the past 12-24 months and the world is a very crazy place right now.


At this moment in time, we’re just happy to still have our own business and we’ll be working to make sure that’s the case in 12-24 months.

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