Casicare Care for People and the Planet

Casicare, a Manchester-based care organisation, has created a Climate Positive Workforce with Play it Green to support Manchester’s drive to net zero.


Casicare will now plant enough trees every month with Play it Green to more than rebalance the carbon footprint of its staff personal lives and all their work-related travel.


Since a tenth of all Play It Green revenues go to good causes, Casicare will be impacting their local community by supporting Shelter, who campaign to stop homelessness.


They will also review the 9 key programme areas in our Net Zero Framework to plan and action improvements within their business and delivery.


As part of the Climate Positive Workforce, Casicare employees will also receive a weekly sustainability tip and relating discount to a product to help drive behaviour change, enhance the culture, and lower their carbon footprint.


The weekly correspondence includes sustainability articles to ensure members not only become more climate aware but more aware of the solutions available to make progress in this area.

Managing Director of Casicare, Janet Thompson, said “Casiscare has always been about caring for people. Under our portfolio ‘Holistic Approaches’ we work with young people, Thornton Manor Care Centre, and other sites to care for the elderly and in-between generations. We have our skilled and dedicated workforce doing a fantastic job each and every day.


“By signing up to Play It Green we’ve provided a great perk to our staff but most importantly our business. We’re now better prepared to win more tenders, partnerships, and be able to grow as a business whilst moving to net zero.”


Chris Thair, CEO of Play It Green, who presented to Casicare staff at the Etihad Stadium earlier this year, said “Caring is at the core Casicare, it is in the name and it shines through in abundance when you meet Janet, Aimee and all the staff involved.


“I’m delighted that through Play It Green’s services we can ensure Casicare are caring for more people than ever before whilst supporting their business objectives around growth and workforce.”


All the trees Casicare plants will be tracked through their own Forest Garden page which is available to the public and guaranteed to be planted.

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