Centurion Legal x Play It Green: New Member

Centurion Legal x Play It Green: Introduction

Today, we’re thrilled to announce that Centurion Legal is the latest addition to our network of eco-aware collaborators! Centurion Legal, a distinguished legal services provider located in Nottingham, UK, specialises in delivering superior legal support to businesses navigating employment law challenges.

Their expertise spans both non-contentious and contentious aspects of employment law, with a keen focus on discrimination law cases. Notably, they have achieved recognition for their ground breaking work in a landmark case related to dismissal for adoption leave intentions. Furthermore, this achievement earned their founder, Roscoe Fernandes, the title of “Times Lawyer of the Week.”

Through its partnership with Play It Green, Centurion Legal Ltd is pioneering sustainability in the legal field. By joining our Climate Positive Workforce initiative, they’re actively promoting environmental restoration, educating their team on eco-friendly practices, supporting tree planting for each member, and contributing to the Dragonfly Cancer Trust. 

This effort showcases their dedication to both environmental care and social impact. Moreover, their collaboration leverages our extensive net-zero support, establishing a new benchmark for responsible practices in the legal sector.

We had the opportunity to catch up with Roscoe Fernandes the company’s founder and we were inspired by their holistic approach to legal services. Read more, below.

Please, tell us a little about the History and Values of Centurion Legal

We established Centurion Legal in 2013. Roscoe was tired of the traditional private legal practice model and wanted to focus on what he considered more important, namely client focus, satisfaction and value for money. This led to the creation of the practice.

Centurion only works with businesses which share the same morals and ethics. Basically, we need to be “aligned.” Roscoe feels this is the key to a long-standing, positive and fruitful relationship for both parties.

What’s happening now that’s exciting for Centurion Legal?

We are working on defending various Employment Tribunal claims and restructuring projects.

We are also seeking to collaborate more with businesses and to produce video content.

Why did you decide to collaborate with Play It Green?

Our morals, ethics and visions are aligned. It’s a way for Centurion to give something back. This is important to Roscoe, having worked in the charitable sector previously.

What does the future hold for Centurion Legal?

We pride ourselves on providing timely, focused and pragmatic advice with an emphasis on client focus/satisfaction. We aim to spread the word and to work with more businesses which share our morals and ethics.


Roscoe Fernandes, Founder, Centurion Legal

“I met Richard via Roundtable; there was an instant connection and synergy. Sometimes you just know when someone is going to make a perfect connection, business partner and work with you positively to make a change.”

Centurion Legal Roscoe Fernandes, Founder, Centurion Legal
Roscoe Fernandes, Founder, Centurion Legal

Richard Dickson, Co-Founder, Play It Green

“I met Roscoe at a networking event and we hit it off right away. Following a getting-to-know-you meeting, it was clear we shared values and a belief in doing things the right way. It is a proud moment for me that Roscoe and his team have chosen to join the Play It Green community.”

Richard Dickson, Co-Founder, Play It Green
Richard Dickson, Co-Founder, Play It Green

Play It Green: Empowering Your Sustainability Journey

Ready to take your commitment to sustainability to the next level? Play It Green is your partner in creating positive environmental change. From educational resources on sustainable practices and signposting to sustainable services to initiatives like tree planting and social giving. Helpfully, Play It Green offers a holistic approach to environmental stewardship. 

Join us in the journey toward sustainability—embrace eco-conscious practices and be a force for positive change in our world. All whilst staying relevant, meeting legislation and aligning with the values of today’s consumers and employees.

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