Climate Wins: Sustainability News 10th July 2023

Climate Wins: Introduction

Welcome to Play It Green’s Weekly Sustainability News, where we bring you the latest updates on climate wins from around the world. In this fast-paced era of environmental challenges, we believe it’s crucial to highlight the positive changes happening around the world.

By shining a spotlight on the successes of everyday people, we aim to inspire and empower readers. In turn this helps people to become agents of change in their own lives and communities. We firmly believe that individual choices and community efforts have the potential to influence businesses and industries towards a more sustainable future.

Join us each week to explore these uplifting stories. Discover how you can be a part of the solution. Together, we can make a difference. Read on and be inspired to take action today!

Climate Wins: Mobile Operators Embrace Circularity

In a significant step towards circularity, twelve telecom operators, including Tele2 and Orange, have partnered with the Global System for Mobile Communications Association (GSMA). This has been done to accelerate the recycling and reuse of mobile phones. These operators, including BT Group, Iliad, Orange, and Telefonica, have committed to collecting at least 20% of newly distributed devices through take-back schemes.

Not only that, but by 2030, they aim to ensure that all collected used devices undergo repair, reuse, or transfer to controlled recycling organisations.

The GSMA found that refurbished phones have a climate impact of up to 87% lower than newly manufactured alternatives. By recovering more than five billion phones and extracting valuable resources such as gold, palladium, and cobalt, the industry can make a significant environmental and economic impact. Further more, the transition towards a circular economy not only benefits the environment but also lowers costs and increases affordability for all.

This initiative aligns with the GSMA’s Strategy Paper for Circular Economy. The paper  envisions extended lifetimes for devices. Not only that, but 100% recyclable and recycled content, reliance on renewable energy, and zero waste.

Climate Wins 12 mobile operators are committed to increasing circularity
12 mobile operators are committed to increasing circularity

By embracing these goals, the mobile industry can reduce its carbon footprint. As well as this it will provide more sustainable solutions to its consumers.

Join us in celebrating this climate win which is another brilliant step towards a more sustainable future!

Climate Wins: AstraZeneca to Plant 200 million trees

In our next of three climate wins, AstraZeneca has confirmed a $400m investment in its global forest restoration scheme. This significant commitment will facilitate the planting of 200 million trees across six continents.

AstraZeneca’s tree-planting efforts will span the next decade. To help, the pharmaceutical giant is partnering with local environmental NGOs and community groups to design and implement reforestation programs.

Amazingly, it’s slready underway in Australia, Indonesia, Ghana, the UK, the US, and France. AstraZeneca’s initial tree-planting schemes formed part of its first forest commitment, aiming to plant at least 50 million trees by 2025. Now, the company aims to support the planting of an additional 150 million trees by 2030.

Furthermore, additional reforestation projects have been identified in Brazil, Ghana, India, Rwanda, and Vietnam. The largest endeavour will take place in India’s Meghalaya region. Incredibly, here 64 million trees will be planted in collaboration with nature-based carbon credit project expert, Earthbanc.

Climate Wins AstaZeneca commits to planting 200 million trees
AstraZeneca commits to planting 200 million trees

AstraZeneca plans to use the carbon removal benefits from these projects to achieve its global net-zero goal by 2045. They will reduce absolute emissions by at least 90% and rely on offsetting for residual emissions. Amazingly the company anticipates removing 30 million tonnes of CO2 between 2030 and 2060.

This is another fantastic Climate win for the planet!

Climate Wins: UK Government Approves 500MW Solar Farm

The UK government has approved the 500MW Longfield Solar Farm application. This is a crucial step towards achieving the country’s renewable energy goals. With a target to increase solar power fivefold by 2035, this approval comes from the Secretary of State for Energy Security and Net-Zero.

Situated near Chelmsford in Essex, the solar farm will generate sufficient renewable energy to power nearly 100,000 homes annually. EDF Renewables and Padero Solar submitted the application, which includes a solar photovoltaic array generating station with a maximum capacity of 500MW. Not only that but it has battery storage and grid connection infrastructure.

After a comprehensive review process, Longfield Solar Energy Farm Limited’s application was accepted in March 2022. Ben Fawcett, Head of Solar at EDF Renewables, expressed delight at the government’s consent. Furthermore he thanked everyone who contributed to the consultation and examination process. The company is committed to minimising construction impacts and maximising the region’s opportunities.

Climate Wins UK Government approves 500MW solar farm near Chelmsford
UK Government approves 500MW solar farm near Chelmsford

The UK government aims to decarbonise the power sector by increasing solar capacity to 70GW by 2035. This would be capable of powering around 20 million homes. To achieve these goals, the Solar Taskforce, led by Energy Minister Graham Stuart and Solar Energy UK CEO Chris Hewett, advocates for increased solar installations. These should be in commercial spaces. As well as that they are exploring floating solar projects and well-managed ground-mounted solar sites on farms.

Renewable electricity generation in the UK accounted for 39.7% (not including nuclear) of total energy consumption in 2022.  Fantastically,  solar energy witnessing a remarkable 24% increase. This is another amazing climate win and one that shows we are most certainly heading in the right direction!

That’s a Wrap

This week’s ’Climate Wins’ news highlights remarkable progress in sustainability. With AstraZeneca’s $400m investment in global forest restoration and the government’s approval of the 500MW solar farm. Not only that but the mobile phone industry is embracing circularity!


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