Compex IT Takes Eco Step with Play It Green

Compex IT Joins Play It Green

Compex IT help businesses make the best use of their technology and offer business owners peace of mind and complete support for all things IT.

Now, Compex IT has joined forces with Play It Green to make its workforce Climate Positive and engage the team in sustainable change.

Not only that, but the company has access to Play It Green’s suite of Net Zero and Marketing support to help drive down the company footprint and create change.

Play It Green caught up with their operations director, Mark Dodds to find out more about the company, its values and what the future holds.

Compex IT Joins Play It Green

Please, tell us about Compex IT

We’re Compex IT and we give professional services firms complete 360-degree IT peace of mind. From managed IT support to IT strategy and security.

We work with financial planners, wealth management, accountants, architects, investment management, PR, solicitors and more.

Compex IT helps our partners to get the best out of their technology whilst keeping their client’s information secure.

Why is sustainability important to you?

We believe it’s key to preserving our planet and it’s hugely important for us to live as sustainably as possible to make as much of a positive impact on the environment.

Being in the IT industry, providing IT hardware, we felt it was really important to be able to educate our clients on ways we can use technology more sustainably.

We also help them make informed decisions based on the impact on the environment.

Why did you decide to join Play It Green?

Play it Green has made it easy to understand our impact on the environment and how to fix that.

Partnering with Play it Green is the first step towards achieving the reduction of our carbon footprint and ultimately becoming net-zero

What does the future hold for Compex IT?

Our vision is to be known as THE people-focused and trusted IT partner in the Midlands for SMEs.

Alongside that, we’re currently looking at ways we can reduce our carbon footprint with the ultimate goal of becoming net-zero.


Mark Dodds - Compex IT Head of Operations

“Compex IT are delighted to be working with Play it Green to help build a more sustainable future.

Reducing our carbon footprint and accelerating our journey to net zero is incredibly important to us and partnering with Play it Green is the first step towards this.

It’s time we should all take responsibility and make a difference with positive changes.”

Compex IT Head of Operations - Mark Dodds
Compex IT Head of Operations - Mark Dodds

Richard Dickson - Play It Green Co-Founder

“I am a great believer in tech and innovation to support business and make it more efficient and ultimately more sustainable.

Compex IT takes the pain out of IT for business owners which is awesome.

It’s a great pleasure to welcome Mark and the team to our amazing community of change-making businesses.”

Play It Green Co-Founder - Richard Dickson
Richard Dickson, Play It Green Co-Founder

Play It Green

Play It Green is a subscription service that helps people and businesses go on a journey of sustainability.

Through our 3-step solution, we support footprint reduction, repairing the planet (through reforestation) and increasing social impact by regiving 10% of our turnover to charity.

Join for just £5 per person per month.

That’s a lot of positive impact and value for less than a coffee and a piece of cake!

Join Play It Green

And be the solution to climate change
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