Dains Accountants Get a Climate Positive Workforce

Dains Accountants get a Climate Positive Workforce

The fastest-growing accountancy firm in the Accountancy Age Top 100 is rooting for environmental change after joining forces with Play It Green to get a Climate Positive Workforce.

Dains, which has offices throughout the UK, is working to reduce its carbon footprint after joining forces with the innovative sustainability business Play It Green. 

Since signing up for the green scheme in August 2022, Dains has taken measures to understand and lower its net emissions by completing a carbon footprint report, mapped out the long-term net zero plan and sent weekly footprint reduction tips and discounts to all staff to reward, educate and strengthen the positive sustainability culture within the business. 

Reducing Carbon Footprints whilst making an impact

Forest Garden with Play It Green
Play It Green members get their own Forest Garden

Sustainable Development Goals

Whilst on the journey to net zero Dains wish to make an ongoing environmental and social impact and to date had 17,370 trees planted in a dedicated forest garden and passed vital funds to child bereavement charity Edwards Trust.

These trees support employment and communities in impoverished nations, helping meet ten of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and within six years
will absorb 2,676.3 tonnes of CO2 emissions. This is the equivalent of taking 1911 cars off the road or 18,132 people cancelling their short-haul flight. 

The firm pays Play It Green a monthly fee to plant 13 trees for each member of its growing workforce, gift to a good cause and benefit from its footprint reduction support. 

Building Upon Existing Work

Dains has signed up to be a Climate Positive Workforce and says it is working to reduce its carbon footprint while it seeks out help from Play It Green’s network of sustainability experts.

Richard Dickson, Co-Founder of Play It Green said “It’s so exciting to be on this journey with Dains and to see our ideas come to life and change happening. 

We are all imperfect environmentalists, and it is only through the collective efforts of the many that real change will come. We are delighted Dains believe in our three-step solution to climate change of reducing carbon footprints and making an ongoing positive environmental and social impact whilst on the journey to net zero. 

Our services help Dains build upon the fantastic work already taking place at the company.”

Play It Green Cofounder Richard Dickson
Angela from Dains very happy with Play It Green
Dains Head of HR Angela Millward

Dains Commitment to Reducing Footprint

In recent years Dains has adopted a number of green measures at its offices while encouraging staff to make climate positive changes. These include access to affordable electric cars for employees and reducing the firm’s energy use around IT. 

“All the trees we are planting can be tracked as they are added to our own forest garden. They replace lost ecosystems, and the trees are monitored and protected with 10 per cent of their cost going to a charity of our choice,” said Dains Head of HR, Angela Millward.

“We are committed to reducing our carbon footprint, so we have partnered with Play It Green to improve our sustainability practices and have a positive impact on the planet. We want to make our business a climate-positive one by rebalancing our historical and company emissions to become carbon neutral.”

Dains’ commitment to environmental action shows that business growth and excellence can go hand in hand with helping build a greener future.

Among the company’s recent acquisitions are Newcastle-under-Lyme chartered accountancy firm Barringtons and Isosceles, a Finance and HR consultancy with staff in London, Sheffield, and Edinburgh. Along with the acquisition of William Duncan + Co, one of Scotland’s oldest accountancy firms with offices in Glasgow, Ayr and Kilmarnock. Dains has bases at Birmingham, Derby, Burton-on-Trent, Stoke and Lichfield.

For more on the firm’s recruitment drive and climate positive mission go to recruitment.dains.com/climate-positive

Getting a Climate Positive Workforce means all fulltime staff will receive a weekly tip on how to lower their own carbon footprint, education on sustainability and a discount to a relating product. 

Play It Green is a unique and powerful subscription service starting at £5 per month that helps make a big impact upon you, your business and the planet. Join today through the Play It Green website. 

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