Didsbury Gin Takes Climate Action with Play it Green

Didsbury Gin has partnered with  Play it Green to drive sustainability within their business, make their workforce Climate Positive, and help them on their journey to Net-Zero.


Manchester gin-thusiasts Mark Smallwood and Liam Manton created Didsbury Gin in 2017, and since, the brand has gone from strength to strength. Unlike many other fruit flavoured gins, Didsbury Gins are created from 100% fruit sourced from British farms, smashed together with an irresistible blend of botanicals.


Through their partnership with Play it Green, Didsbury Gin will now make an immediate environmental and social impact through the trees they plant, all whilst being provided with the weekly tips and tools to lower their carbon footprint and accelerate their journey to net-zero. 

Liam Manton, Co-Founder of Didsbury Gin, said on the partnership:


“By joining Play it Green, Didsbury Gin are not only having an instant social and environmental impact through our tree planting, but we’re also taking steps to reduce our footprint together. We are excited to be working together and making a real change to help build a healthier and more sustainable future.”

Enough trees are planted every month to more than rebalance the carbon footprint of their staff’s personal lives and all their work-related travel. This helps lift vulnerable people out of poverty, as they are employed not only to plant but to care for the trees as they grow in developing areas of the world.


Through Play it Green’s unique three-step solution to climate change, Repair, Reduce, Regive, a tenth of all revenues go to a good cause of the member’s choice. Didsbury Gin has chosen to support Shelter in its campaign against homelessness.

Be Part of The Climate Solution

Join the movement repairing the planet, reducing their footprints, and regiving to a good cause.

Richard Dickson, Co-Founder of Play it Green, added:


“I have been following the Didsbury Gin journey for some time now, and when I met the team at the Growth Company’s Progress 21 expo in Manchester, a joking comment about G’s and Trees has led to our change-making partnership. It’s exciting to be working with another great Manchester brand, collaborating for both sustainability and social impact.”

As part of the new partnership with Play it Green, the management team and workforce will receive a weekly sustainability tip and related discount on a product to help drive behaviour change and lower their carbon footprint.


The weekly correspondence includes sustainability articles to ensure members not only become more climate aware but more aware of the solutions available to make progress in this area.


Didsbury Gin will also review the nine key programme areas in Play it Green’s Net Zero Framework, free to access for all of our business members to help them drive down their footprint even further.


All the trees are guaranteed to be planted and can be tracked by the public through the Didsbury Gin’s G&Trees Forest Garden.

Make Your Workforce Climate Positive

Your business can do more than you think.


Find out how Play it Green can help you:

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