Dogs 4 Rescue Team Up With Play It Green

A New Good Cause To Celebrate

Dog’s 4 Rescue has become the 22nd good cause to join the Play It Green community as a giving partner.

The charity now has access to Play It Green’s Net Zero and marketing support and more importantly is accessible to choose by all the members of our community.

We love the values of the leadership team and the way they support our furry friends.

There are also plans for ‘giving days’ to help our community support the great cause with their time – watch this space.

Play It Green caught up with Adrienne Nankivell, Corporate Relationship and Brand Ambassador to find out more about the charity.

Please, tell us a little about Dogs for Rescue...

Dogs 4 Rescue is a unique, independent dog rescue in a semi-rural part of Manchester where the dogs live together in a kennel-free environment run by Emma Billington and the team. 

The dogs spend their days getting all the exercise, socialisation, stimulation, love and care that they need whilst waiting for their forever homes.

They are free, and happy and sleep in warm beds at night, completely unaware they are homeless dogs.

The dogs here live with us alongside our goats, sheep, hens, pigs, cats, turkeys and more.

As vegans, we respect all animal life the same.

Our aim is to challenge the perception many people hold towards rescue dogs and other animals and to revolutionise the way dog rescues operate. 

At Dogs 4 Rescue, we are setting out to challenge and change the stigma associated with rescue dogs and to prove they are as adaptable, sociable and well-behaved as any other pet.

The evidence is growing to suggest that dogs become stressed by standard rescue kennel facilities.

And this stress can lead to behavioural problems that weren’t present prior to their incarceration.

It is not surprising that stressed dogs act out of character and do not give the best ‘first impression’ to visitors.

The evidence is growing to suggest that dogs become stressed by standard rescue kennel facilities.

Unlike typical rescue kennels, which are loud, busy, stressful places that are not conducive to a happy re-homing experience, Dogs 4 Rescue lets the dogs shine.

Why did you decide to collaborate with Play It Green?

The owner and founder, Emma Billington, as a committed Vegan, has dedicated her life to the welfare of animals, especially dogs.

The new site will be mainly left untouched for the wildlife to enjoy.

We have already planted 250 trees and intend to source and use sustainable materials where we can.

This type of Partnership will be key to this approach.

Why is sustainability important to you?

After being introduced to Richard by a fellow Business Networker it was instantly obvious our values and mission-aligned.

We want only to leave happy paw prints behind and consider the environment in everything we do and intend to do going forward, especially on our new site.

The expertise of the team at Play it Green will be key in making that a reality.

What does the future hold for Dogs 4 Rescue?

During lockdown, we had a crazy idea of trying to fundraise for a new sanctuary site.

We had been searching for years for the ideal location.

In 2021 we found the new site and thought “if we don’t try, we will never achieve” so we set about a fundraising initiative asking our loyal supporters to help us raise the funds to acquire the new site.

We were blown away by the response and generosity of the supporters and raised enough to purchase the site outright.

We are desperately raising funds to get phase one open by the start of 2023.

We will then take our sanctuary dogs up to the new site where they will live out their lives happy and loved.

The current site will remain a re-homing centre where we will work with the dogs to get them ready for their forever homes.

Once we have reached stability with the new site our mission will be to support the smaller animal charities.

We will do this either through education programmes around the kennel free approach or providing supplies to keep them open.

Just one step...

Join the Play It Green community and be the solution to climate change

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