Eastern Blok Get a Climate Positive Workforce with Play It Green

Film production company The Eastern Blok now has a Climate Positive Workforce with Play It Green and joins a groundswell of businesses committed to lowering their carbon footprint with our amazing community.


We recently caught up with Creative Director, Bogdan Niculescu, to find out more about The Eastern Blok, why they joined Play It Green and what the future holds for the daring filmmakers.


Please, tell us a little about The Eastern Blok?

The Eastern Blok is a Manchester-based video production company that makes awesome film projects – from corporate to promos, and social or commercial content.


We bring ideas to life and storytelling is at the core of everything we do – and as our business name suggests, with all our projects we aim to make them stand out from the ‘blok’.

Bogdan Niculescu, Creative Director and Pawel Warchol, Director of Photography

Why is sustainability important to you?

Sustainability has always been at the back of my mind when considering the industry we operate in and now more than ever, as a young business, we feel that it’s important to take those early steps towards a greener future.


It is important we all take action and Play It Green makes it easier to do so.


Why did you join Play It Green?

I met the cofounders of Play It Green at a Next Level Networking event in Manchester and loved the passion they displayed, their business model resonated a lot with what we were looking for.


The positivity around the business and its content is infectious and allows you to reduce your footprint in your own time – it makes this aspect of sustainability feel accessible and achievable.


The trees and giving to charity means we’re continually doing something positive however we’re also learning from the weekly tips and slowly changing our ways – especially given the issues we face at this moment in time.


Everyone enjoys learning new things and Play It Green always seems to surprise us with what they send.


We’re really proud to call ourselves a member.

What does the future hold for The Eastern Blok?

Our ambition is to grow and add a few more layers to our business foundation, while still maintaining our personal approach.


With that in mind, our goal is to mirror our efforts to keep things green and be able to deliver climate-positive production services throughout all areas of our projects and help to make a positive impact on the world.

Be the climate solution... Reduce! Regive!

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