Eco Change: Sustainability News July 24th 2023

Eco Change: Introduction

Welcome, to Play It Green’s weekly sustainability news, where we explore the latest Eco Change updates every Monday. Our mission is to inspire and empower individuals to make positive changes that have a lasting impact on our planet.

In a world where community and individual actions shape the future, we believe that even the smallest steps can create a ripple effect of change. That’s because each one of us holds the power to be a changemaker, and by coming together, we can transform our communities, businesses, and ultimately the world we live in.

Through our carefully curated articles and insights, we delve into the crossroads of sustainability, business, and personal responsibility. With that in mind, please keep reading and be inspired to make your own Eco Change today!

Eco Change: Pot Noodle Trials Paper Packaging

The popular brand, Pot Noodle, is taking a proactive step towards sustainability by launching a pilot project to replace its plastic pots with environmentally friendly paper packaging. The aim is to reduce their use of single-use plastic by 50% before 2025.

The new paper pots, made from 90% Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified paper, will initially be available exclusively at Tesco. Amazingly, the trial will involve 500,000 pots of Pot Noodle’s beloved Chicken and Mushroom flavour. Consumers can conveniently recycle these new pots at home alongside other cardboard and paper packaging.

To ensure product freshness and safety, a thin layer of ultra-thin plastic film is incorporated. Due to this, the paper is protected when water is added without hindering the pot’s recyclability. Unilever, the parent company, sees the potential for using paper pots across the entire Pot Noodle range, eliminating a massive 4,000 tonnes of virgin plastic annually.

Eco Change - Pot Noodle in a paper pot!
Pot Noodle in a paper pot!

Andre Burger, Unilever UK & Ireland’s General Manager Foods, expressed their commitment to reducing plastic and embracing a paper-based future, stating, “We are excited to learn from this initial trial with the ambition of bringing our paper pots to more shoppers across the UK soon.”

This is a fantastic example of eco change being brought about by consumer pressure and changing buying habits! With that being said, it also goes to show that we can all create change and see the impact of the ripples we send out! Well done to Unilever for taking a step in the right direction.

Eco Change: Coldplay Aiming for Net Zero

Coldplay is revolutionising the music industry with their sustainable practices during the Music of the Spheres Tour. In partnership with SAP, DHL, BMW, Energy Floors, and KultureCity, they are setting new standards for environmentally conscious touring. Owing to the fact that live concerts generate a staggering 405,000 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions annually, the band has taken action. By reducing consumption, recycling, and cutting CO2 emissions by 50%, Coldplay aims to combat this environmental impact.

Moreover, they support new green technologies, like kinetic dance floors, and develop super-low carbon touring methods.

To power the tour sustainably, Coldplay has developed a mobile rechargeable battery in collaboration with BMW, utilising recycled BMW i3 batteries. In addition, they harness fan power through kinetic dance floors and static bicycles. Not only that, but sustainable biofuels, solar panels, and renewable grid power complete the energy mix.

Addressing air travel emissions, Coldplay pays a surcharge for Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF), created from waste products like used cooking oil. Furthermore, they actively engage audiences by providing compostable LED wristbands and planting trees.

Eco Change Coldplay have reduced their emissions by 47%
Coldplay have reduced their emissions by 47%

In collaboration with SAP, a free app encourages fans to choose low-carbon transport options, offering rewards. As a result, Coldplay’s sustainability goals have already yielded a 47% reduction in CO2e emissions compared to their previous tour.

What amazing work by Coldplay using their platform to live the eco change they want to see. Along with this, they are also providing their fans with the tools they need to reduce their individual footprints!

Eco Change: Windsor Summit Announces $1.7 Bn Investment in Climate

The Windsor summit witnessed a groundbreaking shift towards eco change as financial firms, corporates, and philanthropic organisations announced over $1.7bn in climate investment. The focus was on reducing emissions and enhancing climate adaptation globally, with a specific emphasis on developing and emerging markets. Co-hosted by Grant Shapps and John Kerry, the summit showcased tangible collaborations and actions to accelerate progress on the road to COP28. 

Builders Vision, partnering with Mitsui & Co and the Renewable Resources Group, aims to leverage over $1bn for nature-based solutions. By doing this, they will collaborate with investors and large businesses to promote schemes related to regenerative farming, sustainable water systems, and carbon offsets.

Furthermore, $100m is committed to ocean-related grants and investments, covering ecosystem conservation, decarbonising shipping, offshore wind, and CO2 removal technologies. On top of that, The Sustainable Markets Initiative (SMI) launched a £100m accelerator fund for nature-based solutions in supply chains like forests, agriculture, and aquaculture.

Led by King Charles III, the initiative challenges private sector organisations to scale ten major natural capital projects each year until 2030.

Eco Change The Windsor Summit sees $1.7 Bn invested in eco change
The Windsor Summit sees $1.7 Bn invested in eco change

Additional investments were announced for African cleantech entrepreneurs and small businesses, green hydrogen and geothermal energy in Africa, and renewable energy in the Global South.

Finally, The World Bank introduced its Private Sector Investment Lab, addressing barriers preventing private finance from flowing into climate solutions. With a focus on renewable energy and infrastructure, this Lab will mobilise private capital effectively.

That's a Wrap

From Coldplay’s sustainable tour and Pot Noodle’s paper packaging pilot to the Windsor Summit’s climate finance commitments. These three eco-changes highlight the transformative power of individual actions and collaborative efforts. We hope you are inspired by these remarkable stories.

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