Eco-Friendly Action: Sustainability News for May 6th

Eco-Friendly Action: Introduction

Welcome to this week’s sustainability news, where we focus on eco-friendly actions taking place in the business world. In this edition, we bring you inspiring developments from around the world that highlight innovative approaches to sustainability. As we delve into the advancements within the automotive, aviation, and renewable energy sectors, we see a common thread: a commitment to eco-friendly innovation. From reusing electric vehicle batteries in novel ways to pioneering hydrogen fuel initiatives and scaling up solar energy production. These stories demonstrate how technology and vision can come together to forge a greener future.

Join us as we explore these fascinating stories of change. Let’s celebrate the eco-friendly victories which are reshaping industries and paving the way to a sustainable planet. Read on to discover how these initiatives are making a tangible impact and how you too can be part of this positive change.

Eco-Friendly Action: Jaguar Land Rover Embraces Circularity

Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) has introduced a new portable energy storage system. The system uses old electric vehicle (EV) batteries, marking a significant advancement in sustainable technology. This project  collaboration with Pramac, repurposes batteries from JLR’s Jaguar I-Pace models to create “Off-Grid Battery Energy Storage Systems.”

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These systems are designed to store and supply electricity. They help to bolster energy security and support the grid during peak times. This approach not only extends the lifespan of EV batteries but also reduces waste and promotes the adoption of renewable energy.  Danny Jones, Director at Pramac, emphasised the impact of this partnership. He says, “We have been privileged to work so closely with Jaguar Land Rover, who is a hugely supportive partner in our journey to successfully build a robust product and a commercially viable business case using second-life EV modules.”

This statement underscores the strategic synergy between JLR’s commitment to sustainability and Pramac’s technological expertise. Furthermore, the initiative is in line with JLR’s broader environmental goals, which include achieving net-zero emissions by 2039. 

Eco-Friendly Action Jaguar Land Rover is repurposing old EV batteries to create portable energy storage
Jaguar Land Rover is repurposing old EV batteries to create portable energy storage

By incorporating these second-life battery units, JLR contributes to environmental sustainability. As well as this, it sets a precedent for the automotive industry. Keep reading to learn about our next story, where we explore another innovative solution contributing to global sustainability efforts.


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Eco-Friendly Action: Easyjet in UK First for Hydrogen Fuel

At Bristol Airport, Easyjet has completed the UK’s first airside hydrogen refuelling trial, known as Project Acorn. This pilot involved refuelling and powering baggage tractors with hydrogen. It’s a significant step towards reducing the aviation industry’s carbon footprint. The trial demonstrates the feasibility of using hydrogen to fuel ground support equipment. Not only that, but it aligns with easyJet’s commitment to embracing more sustainable fuel options.

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David Morgan, easyJet’s chief operating officer, emphasised the importance of hydrogen in the future of aviation. He said, “It’s without a doubt that hydrogen will be an essential fuel of the future for short-haul aviation, as demonstrated by the rate of innovation we’re seeing.” His statement reflects the airline’s dedication to leading in eco-friendly aviation innovations.

This initiative is part of a broader strategy to achieve zero-emission airport operations by 2040, as outlined in the UK’s Jet Zero Strategy. Brilliantly, the collaborative effort included expertise from various sectors. These sectors include Cranfield Aerospace Solutions and Cranfield University, among others.

Eco-Friendly Action Easyjet has trialled Hydrogen fuel in a UK first at Bristol airport
Eco-Friendly Action easyJet has trialled hydrogen fuel in a UK first at Bristol airport

The aim is to set industry standards and develop regulatory frameworks for using hydrogen in airfield operations. Stay tuned for our final story and more innovative solutions driving the sustainable transformation of industries.

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Eco-Friendly Action: Europe’s Largest Solar Plant is in Germany

The Witznitz solar farm, which is situated in eastern Germany near Leipzig, has officially become Europe’s largest solar park with a total capacity of 605 MW. The park is expected to expand by another 45 MW soon. The project was developed by Hansainvest Real Assets and Move On Energy on land that was previously used for coal mining. This is a significant shift towards renewable energy in the region.

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The construction of the Witznitz solar farm was completed in just 22 months, which is a notable achievement in sustainable development. It has surpassed the Francisco Pizarro plant in Spain, which previously held the record with 590 MW. The new facility not only emphasises Germany’s commitment to expanding renewable energy but also highlights the increasing trend of large-scale solar investments across Europe, particularly in Southeastern Europe.

The Witznitz facility spreads across more than 650 hectares and incorporates agrisolar practices on over five hectares. This innovative approach combines agriculture and solar energy production, promoting efficient land use and contributing to biodiversity. 

Eco-Friendly Action Europe's largest solar park is situated near Leipzig in Germany and produces 605 MW of power
Europe's largest solar park is situated near Leipzig in Germany and produces 605 MW of power

Shell Energy Europe and Microsoft have secured significant portions of the output through long-term power purchase agreements, reflecting the growing corporate demand for renewable energy. This development not only advances Germany’s energy capabilities but also sets a precedent for future solar projects in Europe and beyond.

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Eco-Friendly Action: Wrap Up

This week’s sustainability news has highlighted three remarkable initiatives that are leading the way in their respective fields. Jaguar Land Rover’s innovative use of second-life electric vehicle (EV) batteries for energy storage promotes circular economy principles and highlights the potential for industry-wide sustainability. EasyJet’s trial of hydrogen refuelling at Bristol Airport is a significant step towards reducing aviation’s carbon footprint, positioning hydrogen as a viable alternative fuel. Lastly, the commissioning of the Witznitz solar farm in Germany, now Europe’s largest, exemplifies how transitioning to renewable energy can be achieved on a massive scale.

These initiatives reflect a broader commitment to sustainable practices that are crucial for addressing global environmental challenges. We hope that these stories inspire you to make positive sustainable changes in your own lives and businesses. Stay tuned for more inspiring stories of eco-friendly action next week!

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