Eco-Friendly Bonfire Night: Combining Fun with Sustainable Choices

Eco-Friendly Bonfire Night: Introduction

Welcome to Play It Green’s weekly tip, where we delve into creating an “Eco-Friendly Bonfire Night.” Today, let’s explore how each of us can make a difference. Embracing small, positive changes contributes to a larger environmental impact.

Discover practical steps for a sustainable celebration that influences others to follow suit. From attending public displays to opting for eco-friendly fireworks, every action counts. Join us in this journey toward a more mindful Bonfire Night.

Read on to learn how individual choices lead to better decisions and real change. Let’s collectively shape an Eco-Friendly Bonfire Night. Dive into our tips and be part of the movement for a greener celebration!

Eco-Friendly Bonfire Night: History

Bonfire Night, also known as Guy Fawkes Night, is an age-old British tradition celebrated on November 5th. It commemorates the foiling of the Gunpowder Plot in 1605. The plot, orchestrated by Catholic conspirators, aimed to blow up the Houses of Parliament, including King James I.

Today, the occasion is marked with bonfires and fireworks, but its roots go much deeper. The tradition of lighting bonfires harks back to early Celtic celebrations, symbolising the transition from autumn to winter. In medieval England, it evolved into a day of festivities with revelry and community gatherings.

The effigy of Guy Fawkes, traditionally created from old clothes, is often burned atop the bonfire. This practice started as a means of ridiculing the failed conspirator. Interestingly, it’s believed that the phrase “guy” for a person came from this tradition.

In the 19th century, Bonfire Night gained popularity as a unifying national event. Effigies of politicians and public figures began to join Guy Fawkes on the pyre. 

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Eco-Friendly Bonfire Night is celebrated across the UK on November 5th
Bonfire Night is celebrated across the UK on November 5th

Today, communities across the UK come together to commemorate this historical event. Want to know more about how this celebration impacts our environment? Read on to discover the environmental implications of non-sustainable Bonfire Night practices.

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Non-Sustainable Bonfire Night: Environmental Impact

Did you know that Bonfire Night has a significant environmental impact? Firework displays release harmful chemicals and heavy metals into the air, affecting air quality and contributing to climate change. The bright colours in fireworks are achieved with toxic substances like perchlorates, which contaminate water bodies.

The loud explosions distress pets and wildlife, causing anxiety and disorientation. Birds often panic and flee, sometimes crashing into buildings. Thousands of marine animals mistake the floating firework debris for food, leading to ingestion and harm.

Waste from Bonfire Night festivities includes non-recyclable plastics and litter, further polluting our environment. The energy-intensive manufacturing of fireworks and the transportation of these items to countless locations generate a substantial carbon footprint.

Finally, the burning of bonfires and fireworks has a high impact on air quality. In fact, In the UK, Bonfire Night celebrations have a greater impact on air quality than the yearly emissions from waste incinerators!!!

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Eco-Friendly Bonfire Night has a significant impact on the air quality
Bonfire Night has a significant impact on air quality

Each year, the environmental cost of this tradition is high. But the good news is that there are sustainable alternatives to enjoy Bonfire Night. To discover how you can celebrate in an eco-friendly way, read on and make a positive change for the planet.

Eco-Friendly Bonfire Night: Some Suggestions

For an Eco-Friendly Bonfire Night, consider attending public displays, which are often more sustainable than private ones. These events use controlled pyrotechnics and minimise environmental impact.

Look for eco-friendly fireworks that use nitrogen-based fuel instead of perchlorate oxidisers, although, this can be easier said than done.

More sustainable ‘normal’ fireworks tend to be white in colour as red, blue and green colours contain more harmful chemicals. Using ground-based fireworks like spinning wheels also means you dispose of your waste with you once finished.

Another great option is eco-friendly sparklers! Millions of metal sparklers leave waste every bonfire night but it doesn’t have to be that way!

Also, you should opt for natural materials for your bonfire. Dry leaves and untreated wood are excellent choices. Avoid using rubber, plastics, or painted materials, as they release toxins when burned.

Embrace waste-free practices by ensuring all fireworks are properly disposed of. Collect spent fireworks and packaging to recycle or dispose of them responsibly.

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Eco-Friendly Bonfire Night - Attending a community bonfire night is much more eco-friendly
Attending a community bonfire night is much more eco-friendly

To help you make yours and eco-friendly bonfire night, we have done a bit of research for you. Below are three of the great brands we found that provide more sustainable alternatives.

Eco-Friendly Bonfire Night: Three Top Choices

Fireworks Shop

Our first top choice is Fireworks Shop which sells A selection of low-noise fireworks. These quieter fireworks are chosen for their effects and colours – they produce no bangs. They are ideal for those who require a quieter fireworks display, people with pets and those worried about harming wildlife. Many of these fireworks are also ground-based, so once the display is finished you can dispose of the waste properly. The fireworks shop has a huge selection of these silent fireworks!

Eco-Friendly Bonfire Night Fireworks Shop silent 64 shot 'Spit, Crackle and Strobe'
Fireworks Shop silent 64 shot 'Spit, Crackle and Strobe'

MK Fireworks King

Our second top choice is MK Fireworks King which sells an eco-friendly Sky Lantern made from sustainably sourced bamboo and has no wire frame. Their lanterns have a 20-minute flying time and are made from biodegradable non-flammable materials. They are also nontoxic and odour-free making them about as eco-friendly as a sky lantern can get. So, if you are going to use a sky lantern, this is a better choice. Use code PLAYITGREEN at checkout for a 25% discount. (Delivery is available around Coventry and Milton Keynes).

Eco-Friendly Bonfire Night MK Fireworks King Bamboo eco-friendly lantern
MK Fireworks King Bamboo eco-friendly sky lantern

Cheapest Sparklers Online

Our final choice is ‘Cheapest Sparklers Online’ which sells fantastic low-impact eco-friendly sparklers that are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. These revolutionary environmentally friendly sparklers are made from 100% renewable natural resources and burn down to nothing but a small biodegradable wooden handle! They are perfect for everyone to have a safer and more eco-friendly Bonfire Night. Best of all you can use code PLAYITGREEN at checkout to receive a 10% discount on your next order!

Eco-Friendly Bonfire Night Ossian eco-friendly biodegradable sparklers
Ossian eco-friendly biodegradable sparklers

Eco-Friendly Bonfire Night: Wrap Up

While sourcing sustainable fireworks remains a challenge, attending organised displays significantly reduces individual impact. This Bonfire Night, empowerment lies in choices. Opt for eco-friendly alternatives like biodegradable lanterns and sustainable sparklers. Remember, even small actions create waves of positive change.

By collectively embracing sustainability, we transform Bonfire Night into an event that respects both nature and tradition. Let’s celebrate with a conscious heart, knowing that our efforts ripple through the community and inspire a greener future.

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