Eco-Friendly Change: Sustainability News for 15th April

Eco-Friendly Change: Introduction

In this week’s edition of Sustainability News, we dive deep into the heart of eco-friendly change. With every story, we aim to illuminate the path for our vibrant Play It Green community, consisting of dedicated individuals and forward-thinking businesses. Our mission is clear: to spotlight the myriad of positive environmental changes unfolding across the globe.

We bring you these tales of positive change not just as news, but as beacons of hope and inspiration. In a world often clouded by environmental challenges, it’s this progress that fuels our collective drive towards a greener future. By sharing these successes, we encourage our community to see the potential for significant impact in every action. Whether it’s adopting zero-waste practices or supporting eco-friendly initiatives, the power of change lies within us all.

As you explore this week’s stories, remember that each one is a testament to what we can achieve together.

Eco-Friendly Change: Tesco and NatWest Team Up to Support Farmers

Tesco and NatWest have teamed up to offer a groundbreaking sustainable finance scheme for farmers, aimed at encouraging the adoption of eco-friendly farming practices. Through Lombard, NatWest’s asset financing division, this initiative seeks to assist 1,500 Tesco farmers in transitioning towards sustainability. They’re offering financial support for implementing renewable energy sources like solar panels, wind turbines, and more, which is a game-changer for those in Tesco’s Sustainable Farming Groups.

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The move comes as research reveals over half of Tesco’s farmers are eager to minimise their environmental impact but face hurdles in securing the needed funds. This scheme not only addresses this gap but also supports farmers in reducing operational costs while shifting to renewable energy. Ashwin Prasad, Tesco Group’s chief commercial officer, highlights the mutual benefits: “We’re delighted to be partnering with NatWest in offering our green finance initiative, aiming at both cost reduction and environmental protection.”

Furthermore, Lombard’s expertise will be pivotal in guiding farmers through the decarbonisation process, ensuring a smooth transition. Peter Huish of NatWest Group adds, “Partnering with leading UK consumer companies such as Tesco is critical for a sustainable future.”

Eco-Friendly Change Tesco and NatWest have joined forces to support farmers in the UK
Tesco and NatWest have joined forces to support farmers in the UK

This initiative is part of NatWest Group’s broader commitment to financing sustainable practices across sectors. As we celebrate this innovative approach to sustainable farming, stay tuned to discover more about our next story, which delves into other eco-friendly initiatives making waves across industries.

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Eco-Friendly Change: Walmart Partners with Cargill for Green Energy

Walmart and Cargill are making significant strides in renewable energy, showcasing their commitment to sustainability. Walmart is set to support nearly 1GW of new solar projects across the US. This aligns with its ambitious goal to facilitate 10GW of clean energy by 2030. Meanwhile, Cargill has unveiled five solar deals, adding 300MW to the grid. These initiatives highlight the companies’ dedication to not only greening their operations but also contributing to community support and energy cost reduction.

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Vishal Kapadia, Walmart’s senior VP for energy transformation, shared, “This commitment to solar projects marks a major milestone in our journey towards a more sustainable future.” Walmart’s partnership with Pivot Energy and Reactivate aims to develop 26 community solar projects, benefiting thousands of households, particularly in low-to-moderate-income areas.

Cargill’s expansion into renewable energy, with a notable partnership with Vattenfall for the Windpark Hanze wind farm, is set to meet a significant portion of its electricity demand. This move underscores Cargill’s effort to scale its renewable energy portfolio significantly, contributing to operational emission reductions beyond its 2025 target.

Eco-friendly Change Walmart has partnered with Cargill to expand its use of renewable energy
Walmart has partnered with Cargill to expand its use of renewable energy

As Walmart and Cargill forge ahead with these renewable energy deals, it’s clear they are setting a precedent for corporate sustainability. Discover more about how businesses are contributing to environmental stewardship in our next story.

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Eco-Friendly Change: Co-Op Aligns Climate Targets with SBTi Standards

Co-op has taken a significant step towards sustainability by securing validation from the Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi) for its ambitious net-zero targets. They’ve committed to achieving net-zero emissions in their operations by 2035 and across their value chain by 2040.

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Additionally, Co-op aims to reduce absolute Scope 3 emissions by 42.4% by 2030, focusing on forest, land, and agriculture emissions. This initiative marks Co-op as a leader in setting science-based targets that address both direct and indirect emissions. Shirine Khoury Haq, Co-op Group’s CEO, emphasized the importance of this commitment: “Reducing our impact on the planet is so important, which is why we are setting ourselves challenging and robust targets.”

Co-op’s efforts reflect a deep dedication to environmental sustainability and responsible business practices. In tackling these goals, Co-op is not only focusing on reducing emissions but also on preventing deforestation in its supply chain by the end of 2025. Their approach includes investments in low-carbon technologies and collaborations with suppliers to reduce the carbon intensity of key product lines.

Eco-friendly Change Co-Op has aligned with the Science Based Targets Initiative for a greener future
Co-Op has aligned with the Science Based Targets Initiative for a greener future

By adhering to scientific findings, advocating for a fair transition, and collaborating for systemic change, Co-op is pioneering a path towards sustainability. Their comprehensive climate plan demonstrates a commitment to significantly reducing their environmental footprint and leading the way in sustainable retail.

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Eco-Friendly Change: Wrap Up

This week’s sustainability news is a beacon of inspiration, showcasing innovative changes across diverse sectors. From Walmart and Cargill’s renewable energy expansions to Tesco and NatWest’s supportive finance scheme for sustainable farming, each story represents a leap forward in environmental stewardship. Co-op’s commitment to aligning with the SBTi Net-Zero Standard further exemplifies the potential for impactful climate action. These initiatives not only demonstrate the power of collaborative effort but also ignite a spark for further innovation in sustainability. They inspire us to think creatively about solving our planet’s challenges.

To be part of this wave of sustainable change and to future-proof your business, why not join the Play It Green community? Together, we can turn inspiration into action, driving forward with the changes our world needs.

Play It Green: Empowering Your Sustainability Journey

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Join us in the journey toward sustainability—embrace eco-conscious practices and be a force for positive change in our world. All whilst staying relevant, meeting legislation and aligning with the values of today’s consumers and employees.

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