Eco-Friendly Steps: Sustainability News for 8th April

Eco-Friendly Steps: Introduction

Welcome to this week’s edition of Play It Green’s Positive Sustainability News where we feature eco-friendly steps in the business realms! In a world often shadowed by environmental challenges, it’s vital to shine a light on the rays of hope and innovation leading us toward a greener tomorrow. Our mission is to cut through the negativity, showcasing stories that not only uplift but also inspire our wonderful community to make sustainable change in their own lives.

This week, we’ve handpicked three especially inspiring tales of environmental progress and ingenuity from around the globe. Each story is a testament to the power of collective action, innovative thinking, and the indomitable spirit of those dedicated to nurturing our planet. Join us as we explore these incredible journeys of change, and let’s get inspired together to take actionable steps towards a more sustainable future. Your next eco-friendly adventure starts right here!

Eco-Friendly Steps: Baileys Trials Switching Glass for Aluminium

In an exciting move towards sustainability, Baileys is testing aluminium bottles to cut waste and carbon emissions. This pilot is rolling out in European airport duty-free shops, showcasing Baileys’ commitment to a greener future. The switch to aluminium from glass for their 70cl bottles dramatically reduces weight from 454g to just 85g. This significant reduction promises a 44% decrease in the packaging’s life-cycle carbon footprint. It underlines Baileys’ dedication to environmental sustainability.

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Sarah Blake, Baileys’ Global Brand Director, emphasises the brand’s mission. “As the largest global spirits brand to join the B Corp movement, we are proud to drive progress in the community with our latest innovation to deliver a positive impact.”

This initiative is a part of Diageo’s broader strategy. The company aims to cut packaging weight, increase recycled content, and ensure all packaging is recyclable by 2030. These steps are pivotal in reducing their carbon footprint. Diageo, Baileys’ parent company, is not just focusing on recyclable packaging. Their goal extends to halving Scope 3 emissions by 2030, acknowledging the significant role packaging plays in their overall carbon emissions. This strategy showcases a firm commitment to tackling climate change through innovative and sustainable practices.

Eco-Friendly Steps Baileys new aluminium bottle promises a 44% reduction in its carbon footprint
Baileys new aluminium bottle promises a 44% reduction in its carbon footprint

Inspired by Baileys’ steps towards sustainability? Our next story showcases another groundbreaking initiative. Read on to discover how Budweiser is brewing a greener future and join us in celebrating these positive changes in our world.

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Eco-Friendly Steps: Budweiser Planning British Green Hydrogen Project

Budweiser Brewing Group UK & Ireland is taking a giant leap in sustainability by developing a renewable hydrogen facility at its Samlesbury brewery. This groundbreaking project aims to produce ‘green’ hydrogen, using only renewable electricity to split water into hydrogen and oxygen. The hydrogen will power the brewery’s boilers and fuel vehicles on-site. It showcases a significant move towards cleaner energy.

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The project, in collaboration with Protium, a hydrogen infrastructure developer, is set to reduce 11,000 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions at the brewery. “This project will enable the brewer to remain competitive,” Protium stated. It highlights the urgency as fossil fuel prices rise and the sector aims to decarbonise. With the plans already in motion, the facility could be operational in less than 24 months. This marks a swift transition to greener practices.

Budweiser and Protium are seeking financial support from the UK Government. The support will bridge the cost gap between fossil fuel and green hydrogen production. This initiative aligns with the government’s goal for the UK to host 10GW of low-carbon hydrogen production by 2030. It also emphasises the shift towards renewable energy sources.

Eco-Friendly Steps Budweiser's Green Hydrogen project is a first of its kind for the UK
Budweiser's Green Hydrogen project is a first of its kind for the UK

This step by Budweiser not only underscores their commitment to environmental sustainability but also paves the way for cleaner industrial practices. Read on to explore more stories of eco-friendly innovation and how they’re shaping our world.

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Eco-Friendly Steps: UK’s Largest Solar Roof Planned for Liverpool Port

The Port of Liverpool is set to host the UK’s largest roof-mounted solar project, a pioneering initiative by Peel Ports in partnership with E.ON. This ambitious plan involves installing up to 63,000 solar panels across the port’s rooftops, including the expansive new Alexandra Dock Warehouse. 

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The scale of this project is equivalent to 18 football pitches, aiming to significantly boost the port’s renewable energy capacity. Already, over 6,000 panels have been delivered. The full installation is expected to be completed by the summer of 2026. This solar array, the largest in the UK, is designed to fulfil up to a quarter of the Port of Liverpool’s annual electricity needs, dramatically reducing its carbon footprint.

Peel Ports anticipates this shift towards solar energy will decrease the port’s annual Scope 2 (power-related) emissions by approximately 6,500 tonnes. “This partnership will revolutionise the energy system at the Port,” said Claudio Veritiero, Peel Ports Group’s chief executive, underscoring the transformative impact of the project.

Eco-Friendly Steps The largest solar roof in the UK is planned for Liverpool's port
The largest solar roof in the UK is planned for Liverpool's port

In tandem with the solar expansion, Peel Ports and E.ON plan to upgrade the Port of Liverpool’s wind turbines. It will replace five existing turbines with four new, larger ones. This will increase the project’s capacity to about 20MW. The comprehensive approach to renewable energy exemplifies the port’s commitment to sustainability. It also contributes to the UK’s goal of achieving 70 GW of solar capacity by 2035.

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Eco-Friendly Steps: Wrap Up

This week’s stories highlight remarkable strides in sustainable innovation. Baileys’ move to aluminium bottles showcases a leap towards reducing packaging emissions. Budweiser’s green hydrogen project in Lancashire is setting a precedent for renewable energy in industry. It promises significant cuts in greenhouse gases. The Port of Liverpool’s solar initiative, the UK’s largest roof-mounted project, is revolutionising green energy use in logistics.

These efforts reflect a growing commitment to environmental stewardship, driving us towards a cleaner, greener future. Together, these initiatives are giant leaps in sustainable development, inspiring change across industries worldwide.

Play It Green: Empowering Your Sustainability Journey

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Join us in the journey toward sustainability—embrace eco-conscious practices and be a force for positive change in our world. All whilst staying relevant, meeting legislation and aligning with the values of today’s consumers and employees.

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