Eco-Friendly Wins: Sustainability News for 22nd April

Eco-Friendly Wins: Introduction

Welcome to this week’s sustainability news where we celebrate Eco-Friendly wins that are making our world greener. Across the globe, from bustling cities to serene countryside, people and organisations are securing victories for our environment. This week, we bring you tales of these successes. Incredibly, each one is a testament to the innovative and tireless efforts being made in the name of sustainability.

With every story, we aim to illuminate the diverse ways in which eco-friendly wins are being achieved worldwide. From community-led initiatives to large-scale corporate strategies , these narratives share a common goal: a healthier planet.

These victories are more than just news; they’re proof that positive change is all around us. They inspire hope and action in the fight against environmental challenges. As we share these accomplishments, we invite you to join us in celebrating the progress made. Not only that, but be inspired by the endless possibilities of sustainable business and living.

Eco-Friendly Wins: Walkers & The British Crisp Co Introduce Recyclable Packets

Walkers and the British Crisp Co are pioneering a shift towards sustainability in the snack industry by rolling out new paper packaging. The aim is to dramatically reduce plastic waste. Walkers, known for its popular Snack A Jacks, recently announced this eco-friendly transition. The company is expecting to decrease its virgin plastic usage by 65 tonnes a year. The switch to paper bags, which begins next month, is designed to slash greenhouse gas emissions by 52% per pack, marking a significant environmental milestone.

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Hannah Freeman, the marketing manager for Snack A Jacks, highlighted the convenience of the new packaging. She said “Easily recycled with your usual household paper, these packs can be disposed of thoughtfully with little fuss.” This move is part of a broader initiative by PepsiCo, Walkers’ parent company, which aims for net-zero emissions by 2040. It also plans to eliminate fossil-based plastics in all its snack brands by 2030.

In a parallel effort, the British Crisp Co introduced the world’s first fully recyclable paper crisp packet. This is a result of a three-year collaboration with EvoPak. The innovative packaging combines paper with HydropolTM, ensuring freshness and recyclability. Founder Tom Lock remarked, “Our crisps don’t just taste good, they do good too.” He also underscores the company’s commitment to sustainability and renewable energy.

Eco-Friendly Wins Walkers crisps are introducing paper packaging for its 'Snack A Jacks' range
Walkers crisps is introducing paper packaging for its 'Snack A Jacks' range

These steps by Walkers and the British Crisp Co showcase the snack industry’s commitment to reducing environmental impact. Dive into the next story to see how other companies are making strides in sustainability.

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Eco-Friendly Wins: US Gives $20BN of Funding to Clean Energy

The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is steering a monumental $20bn towards clean energy and green finance projects through grant funding. This initiative is part of the Inflation Reduction Act’s $27bn Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fund.

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It aims to create significant private investment, focusing especially on low-income, rural, and Native American communities. EPA Administrator Michael S. Regan called this move “unprecedented,” highlighting its potential to transform the clean energy landscape. The funding includes $14bn from the National Clean Investment Fund. It is designed to create energy efficiency and clean energy in homes and businesses.

Furthermore, nearly $7bn will go to the Climate United Fund. This targets energy solutions for small businesses and low-income homes, among others. The Coalition for Green Capital and Power Forward Communities are also key recipients. They will be focusing on expanding green banks and supporting national financing programs for sustainable housing solutions.

Eco-Friendly Wins The US Government is pushing $20BN towards green energy and finance projects
The US Government is pushing $20BN towards green energy and finance projects

Vice President Kamala Harris emphasised the broader goal. She said, “We made sure that every community would be able to participate and benefit.” This funding is set to facilitate projects that could reduce or avoid up to 40 million metric tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions annually. It marks a significant step towards a cleaner, more equitable energy economy.

In our next story discover a fantastic win when it comes to circular economy and preloved fashion!


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Eco-Friendly Wins: Selfridges Embraces Preloved Fashion

Selfridges is advancing its commitment to sustainability by extending its ‘Reselfridges’ fashion resale service across the UK. This initiative, initially launched in 2020 after a successful pilot with Depop, is now a permanent fixture in all four Selfridges stores. Amazingly, it underscores the luxury retailer’s push towards a more circular fashion economy, allowing customers to buy and sell second-hand accessories, both vintage and contemporary.

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With the expansion, Selfridges unveils a 3,000 square foot circular fashion hub at its London flagship. This space, three times larger than the original trial hub. It consolidates various circular fashion initiatives, including repair, rental, and vintage collections, under one roof. This move not only makes circular fashion more accessible but also promotes sustainable shopping practices among consumers.

Furthermore it is part of the broader Sustainable Markets Initiative’s Fashion Task Force. Selfridges sets ambitious targets, aiming for 45% of its transactions to stem from circular products, practices, and services by 2030. This effort aligns with their ‘Project Earth’ sustainability strategy. Incredibly the strategy includes advancing their net-zero commitment to 2040 and ensuring all high-impact materials are sustainably sourced.

Eco-Friendly Wins Selfridges are going all in by embracing the preloved fashion market
Selfridges are going all in by embracing the preloved fashion market

Selfridges’ bold strides in promoting circular fashion principles highlight the urgent need for sustainability within the industry. Fantastically, the company is addressing significant environmental challenges such as carbon emissions and microplastic pollution.

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Eco-Friendly Wins: Wrap Up

This week’s sustainability news brings to light the remarkable efforts from various sectors driving towards a greener future. From two major snack brands transitioning to paper packaging, to Selfridges’ innovative expansion of its ‘Reselfridges’ resale service. Following that, the US EPA’s ambitious $20bn grant funding for clean energy projects. Each story underscores significant strides being made towards sustainability.

These initiatives not only highlight the ongoing commitment of businesses and governments to environmental stewardship but also demonstrate the powerful impact of collective action. Furthermore, this action promotes circular economies, reducing our carbon footprint, and tackling plastic waste. As we witness these eco-friendly wins, we can see the importance and effectiveness of new approaches in achieving a more sustainable world.

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