Eco Inspiration: Sustainability News August 21st 2023

Eco Inspiration: Introduction

Get ready for your weekly dose of eco inspiration! Play It Green’s Monday sustainability news is here to brighten your day and inspire positive change. Discover how individuals, communities and organisations are making a difference in the world of eco-consciousness. Not only that, but see how their actions influence other businesses to adopt greener practices.

Each week, we bring you inspiring stories of real people creating a lasting impact on the planet. Whether it’s a local initiative or a global movement, you will see genuine change. So, if you’re looking for a little motivation to make your own green mark, read on and be inspired to join the sustainability revolution!

Eco Inspiration: Royal Mail Uses Green Energy Drones

Introducing our first weekly sustainability news story – a leap towards eco inspiration! The Royal Mail has unveiled a groundbreaking drone delivery service for the remote Orkney islands off Scotland’s north coast. Partnering with Brazilian drone manufacturer Speedbird Aero, Skyports Drone Services will operate the service.

The electric drone, with a 6kg payload capacity and 16km range, emerged as the perfect choice for the Orkney I-Port project. It enables efficient transport of Royal Mail parcels with the added safety feature of a parachute.

Facing challenges posed by weather and geography, the Orkney community will now enjoy uninterrupted deliveries via drones. Better yet, it eliminates the delays associated with ferry transportation during adverse weather conditions.

Skyports’ previous success in transporting medical equipment via drones in the Scottish islands of Argyll and Bute highlighted the efficiency of this mode of delivery. Amazingly they reduce the time taken from 48 hours to a mere 30 minutes.

Eco Inspiration: Skyports Royal Mail drone delivers to Orkney using clean energy
Skyports Royal Mail drone delivers to Orkney using clean energy

As this revolutionary service operates under existing regulatory frameworks and shows great promise, the future may see further extensions beyond the initial three-month period. This is an exciting step towards a greener, more connected future. 

Don’t miss out on more inspiring stories; read on for your weekly eco inspiration!

Eco Inspiration: California to Launch First Clean Energy Train

Get ready for more eco inspiration with California’s solar-powered high-speed train! The California High-Speed Rail Authority‘s ambitious project faced challenges, but it’s now embracing its initial promise of sustainability.

Connecting 1287.5 kilometres across the state, this bullet train aims to revolutionise transportation on the west coast, reaching up to Vancouver, Canada, and east to Las Vegas. Despite delays and cost overruns, the authority is committed to making it a reality.

Now, 15 years after approval, the project will fully rely on solar power. With 44 megawatts of energy generated by 552 acres of solar panels, the train will also feature onboard batteries to store 62-megawatt hours of power.

Covering 10 phases of implementation, the system will connect San Diego to Sacramento via Los Angeles, Central Valley, Fresno, and San Jose. Currently, 191.5 kilometres of track are under construction, with phase one focusing on the 836.8 kilometres between Merced and Anaheim.

Eco Inspiration California's high speed renewably fuelled train is set to launch in 2030
California's high speed renewably fuelled train is set to launch in 2030

Margaret Cederoth, the authority’s director of planning and sustainability, said that work on a renewable energy source should begin by 2026 to ensure it’s ready to power trains by 2030, the target opening date for the railway’s initial segment. Get on board with this green vision, as California shows the way in sustainable transportation. 

Read on for more exciting sustainability news and discover how individual actions create a brighter future!

Eco Inspiration: Deforestation Drops by 34% in Brazil’s Amazon

Get ready for more eco inspiration with Brazil’s fight against deforestation! Under President Lula’s leadership, deforestation in the Amazon dropped by 34%, a promising step in environmental conservation. With a focus on law enforcement and sustainable practices, the country is on a positive trajectory.

The use of advanced satellite systems like Deter and Prodes enables real-time detection and accurate calculations of deforestation. Ibama, Brazil’s federal environmental agency, is at the forefront of protecting the rainforest, even with personnel shortages.

The fight against deforestation remains crucial, especially with the looming threat of forest fires triggered by El Niño. As part of the conservation efforts, Ibama seizes illegally raised cattle and imposes embargoes, ensuring swift punishment for land grabbers.

President Lula’s commitment to rebuilding law enforcement and expelling invaders from protected areas fosters a promising future for the Amazon. Collaborating with other Amazonian nations, Brazil aims to end net deforestation by 2030.

Eco Inspiration - Brazil's new President has driven down deforestation by 34%
Brazil's new President has driven down deforestation by 34%

Rodrigo Agostinho, Head of Ibama said: “We are very content with the result so far, we know the fight isn’t over, we will continue doing this work.”. Join us in celebrating amazing sustainable initiatives like this for a greener and protected Amazon.

That's a Wrap

Kudos to the inspiring changemakers featured in this week’s news! From California’s solar-powered high-speed train and Brazil’s fight against deforestation to the Royal Mail’s innovative drone delivery service. These organisations are driving real change. Their relentless dedication to sustainability and environmental protection is making a significant impact. We salute their efforts to create a greener and more connected future.

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