Eco News Roundup for 8th May

Eco News Roundup for You

It’s time for Play It Green’s weekly eco news roundup. This week we’ve got some exciting updates on sustainable innovations happening across the globe. From renewable energy to circular economy solutions, we’ve got you covered.

Starting off, we take a look at some inspiring initiatives taking place in the laptop industry. Next up, we explore some of the latest sustainable news about a regenerative farming trial by Ribena. And finally, we highlight some amazing individuals who are making a difference in their communities through eco-friendly actions.

So, if you’re ready to be inspired and learn about some of the most exciting sustainable changes happening today, then keep reading! We guarantee you’ll come away feeling empowered and ready to make a positive impact. Let’s dive in and see what’s happening in the world of sustainability.

Eco News Roundup: Panasonic Announces Toughbook Revive

Panasonic’s TOUGHBOOK Revive programme aims to promote responsible recycling or revival of retired devices. This is to help organisations achieve their sustainability goals. As part of the company’s “GREEN IMPACT” strategy, Panasonic is committed to extending the lifespan of its products. On top of this, they will reduce the impact on production and consumption.

TOUGHBOOK Revive is a not-for-profit sustainability programme. It allows European customers to donate their retired TOUGHBOOK devices for responsible recycling or revival. Refurbished devices will be donated to charitable causes or sold on the second-hand market. It will also support organisations in their sustainability objectives. Proceeds from the initiative will cover the expenses associated with device refurbishment.

By participating in the programme, organisations can get closer to their zero waste targets, support charitable giving, and demonstrate sustainable recycling practices to customers and employees. They will also receive a certificate of donation.

Panasonic Connect Europe’s Head of Mobile Solutions Division, Daichi Kato, said that Panasonic ‘puts ESG initiatives at the heart of everything it does’.

Eco News Roundup - Panasonic is now promoting responsible recycling and revival of old devices
Panasonic is now promoting responsible recycling and revival of old devices

The company is committed to achieving net zero carbon emissions across its business operations by 2030. As well as this, they will be net zero across the entire value chain by 2050. The company is prioritising clean energy generation, renewable energy utilisation, and circular economic practices. 

Read on to find out more inspiring sustainable changes happening around the world in our Eco News Roundup.

Eco News Roundup: Ribena Trials Regenerative Farming

Suntory Beverage & Food Great Britain and Ireland (SBF GB&I), the parent company of Ribena, is partnering with the University of East Anglia, Suntory Holdings, and the Soil Ecology Laboratory. The partnership is to launch a pilot project to reduce Scope 3 greenhouse gas emissions from blackcurrant production.

The scheme will employ regenerative farming practices across 60 hectares of blackcurrant production at Gorgate Farm in Norfolk. SBF GB&I is investing in the project, which will run for at least three years. 

The company aims to support crop resilience, reduce carbon emissions from its supply chain, and increase soil health. In doing so it can support plant resilience and sequester more carbon. Also, the pilot project aims to create a blueprint that could benefit other growers in adopting regenerative agriculture practices. 

On top of all that, the project will focus on reducing external inputs such as fertiliser. All while improving soil health and plant nutrition. It will also use sap sampling to optimise plant nutrition and diverse alleyway swards to feed the soil and increase carbon.


Eco News Roundup Ribena's parent company is trialling regenerative farming at 60 sites in the UK
Ribena's parent company is trialling regenerative farming at 60 hectares in the UK

The Cool Farm Tool will be used to measure on-farm greenhouse gas emissions and soil carbon sequestration accurately and consistently. The project’s results will be reported via peer-reviewed scientific papers. SBF GB&I agronomist Harriet Prosser said: “This project represents a real shift away from more conventional practices. This trial…aims to facilitate healthy plant growth and re-establish a more natural soil food web.”

Our final inspiring story in Play It Green’s Eco News Roundup is next.

Eco News Roundup: Liverpool FC Fans Top For Recycling

Liverpool FC and SC Johnson celebrated World Earth Day by thanking fans for their contribution towards the club’s sustainability programme, The Red Way. The two partners are working together to create a plastic upcycling programme at Anfield. They are doing this by using PET plastic bottles collected from the stadium to make new Mr Muscle® packaging. Fans are essential to the programme’s success and have responded positively to the installation of branded waste points on every concourse at Anfield.

 Recycling rates increased from 25% to an average of 86% by the end of 2022. Fans have been recycling at a rate of over 90% at every match in recent months. 

To reward fans for their contribution, LFC and SC Johnson organised a £10k Penalty Challenge on World Earth Day during the Premier League fixture with Nottingham Forest. Season ticket holders Craig and Stevie competed to see who could hold their nerve and win the prize. 

The competition is part of the partners’ pledge to reduce all waste across the club by 10% each season from next season. SC Johnson will also be incorporating rewards for fans into the MyLFC rewards programme,. This is where fans can earn points for watching SCJ content on the rewards platform.

Eco News Roundup Liverpool FC fans are currently recycling plastic waste at a rate of 90%
Liverpool FC fans are currently recycling plastic waste at a rate of 90%

How’s that for a sports club using its community to create change and be a force for good? Well done to CEO Billy Hogan and Liverpool FC for creating inspiration and leading the way when it comes to sustainable change! Let’s hope every other sports club follows suit!

That’s a Wrap

That’s it for this week’s eco news roundup. We’ve seen positive changes towards sustainability across industries, from laptops to football. It’s inspiring to see individuals and companies alike stepping up to protect our planet. Remember, small actions can lead to big impacts, so why not join the Play It Green community to share your sustainability journey? Not only that but get support in making a difference. Sign up now and let’s work together towards a greener future.

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