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Eco Success: Introduction

Welcome to Play It Green’s weekly sustainability news, where we celebrate eco success every Monday. Our mission is to inspire positive change in both individuals and communities. Ultimately shaping the way businesses operate towards a more sustainable future.

In a world where climate change and environmental issues are becoming increasingly urgent, it is crucial to recognise the remarkable achievements. Achievements that individuals and communities are making to protect our planet. By highlighting their eco success stories, we aim to motivate and empower others to take action in their own lives and contribute to the greater good.

From innovative recycling initiatives to renewable energy breakthroughs, we showcase the positive impact that small changes can have on a global scale. Join us in celebrating these inspiring stories of eco success and discover how you can make a difference.

Eco Success: Royal Mail Rolling out Vegetable Oil Fuel Switch

Royal Mail is making significant strides in sustainability by transitioning its heavy goods vehicles (HGVs) to Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil (HVO), a renewable diesel alternative. This switch is part of their commitment to achieving net-zero emissions by 2040.

The initial sites adopting HVO include Royal Mail’s Sheffield mail centre, Midlands Super Hub, and Manchester. Following this, four more locations will make the switch in the coming months. By implementing HVO at these sites alone, they expect to save a substantial 2.1 million litres of diesel this year.

Recognising HVO is not the finished solution, Royal Mail’s fleet director, Rob Fowler, expressed their openness to exploring other low-emission technologies. Those such as electric and hydrogen HGVs.

To make the HVO roll-out easier, Royal Mail will collaborate with Certas Energy for the first year of implementation. Following this, Certas Energy highlighted the potential of HVO to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by up to 90%.

Eco Success Royal Mail is rolling out a fuel switch from diesel to a renewable alternative
Royal Mail is rolling out a fuel switch from diesel to a renewable alternative

As part of its broader sustainability efforts, Royal Mail recently surpassed a major milestone. Amazingly they done this by introducing 5,000 electric vehicles (EVs) to its delivery and collection fleet. The most recent addition is Urmston Delivery Office, which now operates with 19 EVs. This contributes to reduced air and noise pollution.

Read on for more inspiring stories. Together, we can achieve eco success and build a greener future.

Eco Success: Nike Taking Steps to Net Zero

Nike, the renowned American lifestyle brand, is making significant strides in sustainability with its latest innovation. Their innovation is the ReactX foam cushioning unit. The new technology will launch soon in the InfinityRN 4 shoe. It not only offers enhanced support and cushioning but also reduces the shoe’s carbon footprint by an impressive 43%.

By using an injection process instead of traditional compression moulding, Nike has achieved a substantial boost in energy return. Not only that, but they have minimised carbon output. Over the past five years, extensive research and development have been conducted. The research ensures both performance and positive environmental impact.

Noel Kinder, Nike’s Chief Sustainability Officer, expressed the brand’s commitment to improving their products’ environmental impact. They stated: “We are always looking for ways to improve our product’s carbon footprint. This is our next step in that sustainability journey.”

Nike’s dedication to sustainability extends beyond material innovation. They have set ambitious targets, including reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Furthermore, they want to achieve zero waste to landfill and minimise water usage in textile production.

Eco Success Nike's latest foam cushioning reduces its shoes' footprint by 43%
Nike's latest foam cushioning reduces its shoes' footprint by 43%

With sustainability in mind, the company embraces circular solutions by promoting recycling. As well as this they promote refurbishing returned shoes and creating products from vintage and dead-stock items.

What a great eco success story from one of the world’s biggest companies. Keep reading to hear about our final story of the week and be inspired to make a change of your own.

Eco Success: Ocado Trials New Recycling Initiative

Ocado Retail, in collaboration with Polytag and Bower, is taking a game-changing step towards sustainability. They are doing this by incentivising recycling through a pilot program for digital deposit return schemes (DDRS).

By simply scanning the unique QR codes on Ocado’s own-brand milk bottles, customers can earn a 20p reward using their smartphones. This reward is deposited into their digital wallet in the Bower recycling app. It is equivalent to the future deposit amount under the upcoming Deposit Return Scheme (DRS) legislation.

Ocado Retail’s senior packaging and sustainability manager, Laura Fernandez, emphasised the significance of this workable DDRS. She stated, “To be able to launch a workable DDRS that actually pays consumers back for recycling is a game-changing move for recycling and the circular economy in the UK.”

The Bower app validates claims through GPS technology near registered home recycling bins. By doing this it ensures that unique QR codes can only be scanned once. Furthermore, these codes provide real-time data on packaging lifecycles.  Enabling brands to optimise operations and communicate their sustainability efforts effectively.

Eco Success Nike's latest foam cushioning reduces its shoes' footprint by 43%
Nike's latest foam cushioning reduces its shoes' footprint by 43%

This innovative solution shows the potential for substantial cost savings. Not only that but a lower carbon footprint compared to traditional systems. With billions of plastic bottles and cans discarded or littered annually in the UK, initiatives like these are crucial to promoting responsible recycling practices. 

Well done Ocado for bringing us our final eco success story of the week. Inspiring stuff.

That's a Wrap

In this week’s sustainability news, we celebrated three remarkable stories of eco success that inspire positive change. From Royal Mail’s switch to vegetable oil for powering their HGVs to Nike’s innovative sustainable materials. Along with Ocado’s digital deposit return scheme. These initiatives demonstrate the power of individual and corporate actions in building a greener future.

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