Eco Wins: Sustainability News for June 26th

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Welcome, to Play It Green’s weekly sustainability news, featuring the latest “Eco Wins” to brighten up your Mondays. In this edition, we celebrate the triumphs of individuals and businesses driving positive change for our planet. Through their inspiring stories, we aim to motivate you to join the movement toward a greener future.

Each week, we delve into remarkable examples of how small actions can create significant impacts. From grassroots initiatives to innovative business practices, these stories highlight the power of community and individual efforts in shaping a more sustainable world. By sharing these successes, we hope to show you how positive change is happening.

So, grab a cup of tea, sit back, and dive into our weekly sustainability news. Discover the inspiring stories that demonstrate the real-world impact of sustainable practices. Together, let’s create a brighter and greener future.

Eco Wins: Solar Foods Makes Protein from the Air

Finnish food tech company Solar Foods celebrates an “eco win” with the launch of Solein, a sustainable protein made from the air. Solein Chocolate Gelato, featuring this ground-breaking product, debuts at Singaporean restaurant Fico, allowing the public to experience its sustainability first-hand.

Solein, hailed as a game-changing protein, is produced from CO2, water, nitrogen, and electricity, without relying on agriculture or climate conditions. This significant milestone introduces the world to a product made from gases, seamlessly integrating into various foods, and providing a rich source of sustainable protein.

Solein’s unique bioprocess feeds microbes gases and nutrients, enabling production in diverse weather conditions like deserts, arctic areas, and even space. This protein-rich powder contains essential amino acids and gained regulatory approval for sale in Singapore. Customers at Fico Restaurant have been able to savour its delights since June 15, 2023.

Chef Mirko Febbrile from Fico Restaurant is thrilled to present this one-of-a-kind vegan ice cream to the world, highlighting Solein’s ability to replace dairy without compromising creaminess. Solar Foods’ innovation paves the way for a sustainable and responsible food chain.

Eco Wins Solar's new process means vegan, sustainable gelato isa reality
Solar's new process means vegan, sustainable gelato is a reality

The chef said: “As a chef, I believe strongly in making food sustainable and responsible. Solein opens opportunities for us to reimagine the food chain in a way that benefits our planet.”

Discover more inspiring “eco wins” in our weekly sustainability news. Join the movement toward a greener future and explore the positive impact of individuals and businesses. Take action and be part of the change!

Eco Wins: Ella’s Kitchen Launches More Recyclable Pouch

Introducing Ella’s Kitchen’s “Eco Win”: the launch of their fully recyclable mono-material pouch. Their goal is to make 73% of their baby food pouches kerbside recyclable by the end of 2024. With that in mind, Ella’s Kitchen is addressing the packaging’s impact on its carbon footprint. Believe it or not, packaging accounts for 28% of their total. Furthermore, they are actively seeking ways to enhance recyclability and achieve their SBTi-approved climate targets.

The Green One, their mono-material pouch, hit the market last month and has already proven compatible with the UK recycling system. Now, the company aims to repack their entire pasteurised range within the next eighteen months, eliminating additional aluminium to enhance recyclability. They also plan to collaborate with packaging manufacturers to develop a fully recyclable material for the remaining 25% of pouches designed for 7 and 12 months+ that requires a different cooking process.

By making this switch, Ella’s Kitchen expects to elevate the recyclability of baby food pouches from the current 6% to an impressive 40% by the end of 2024. Notably, they are proud members of the Flexible Plastic Fund and the Packaging Consortium, standing alongside Nestlé, Taylors of Harrogate, and SUEZ.

Eco Wins Ella's Kitchen is Improving the Recyclability of its Pouches
Ella's Kitchen is Improving the Recyclability of its Pouches

Ella’s Kitchen CEO, Mark Cuddigan, emphasises their commitment to positive impact, aiming to be good for both tiny tummies and the planet. Their annual impact report serves as a roadmap for future progress, demonstrating their responsibility to leave a lasting legacy.

Read on to find out about our last Eco Win for this week.

Eco Wins: Parkdean Resorts Reduce Footprint by 17%

In our last eco win of the week, we feature the great news coming out of the Holiday Park industry. Parkdean Resorts, a UK operator has just announced a 17% reduction in its company emissions since 2019. The holiday park operator has committed to achieving a 25% reduction in CO2 emissions by 2025 and has outlined the progress against its commitments in its 2023 ESG report.

The company has implemented a number of key initiatives, including switching a large portion of its LPG supply to Calor Futuria Liquid Gas, a by-product of biodiesel production made from a blend of waste, residues and sustainably sourced materials that now accounts for at least 15% of the company’s total LPG supply.

Solar panels have been installed at Warmwell and Sandford Holiday Parks in Dorset as part of the experiments. Over 1,200 solar panels were put on top of the main complex roofing at the two Sustainable Parks of the Future late last year, allowing the parks to begin producing their own energy. Since December 2022, the solar panels at Warmwell and Sandford have generated a total of 78,110 kWh of electricity, which is equivalent to the monthly electricity usage of 323 British homes.

Eco Wins Parkdean Resorts has successfully reduced its operations footprint
Parkdean Resorts has successfully reduced its operations footprint

Jane Bates, Director of Procurement and Sustainability at Parkdean Resorts, said: “Reducing our carbon emissions is one of our central goals at Parkdean Resorts, and we’re delighted with the progress we’ve made so far. We’ve introduced a number of initiatives across our parks that are clearly having a real impact, and we’ll continue to monitor our progress to ensure we meet our target of reducing our emissions by 25% by 2025.”

Well done to Jane and the Parkdean Resorts team for setting a great example and giving everyone another ‘eco win’ to celebrate!

That’s a Wrap

These remarkable sustainability initiatives demonstrate the positive strides being made by companies like Solar, Ella’s Kitchen and Parkdean Resorts. These eco-wins highlight the power of collective action and inspire us by showing that companies are prioritising sustainability. Together, we can create a greener and more sustainable future for all.

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