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ecoegg is the eco laundry solution that uses a refillable, gentle-on-skin detergent formula and helps reduce plastic. But did you know that ecoegg has been with Play It Green since the start? A popular household brand, sold in supermarkets and online, ecoegg is revolutionising the way we do our laundry. 

We caught up with the ecoegg recently. They were very EGGcited to inform us of their various, brand new, green product launches to make laundry day even more sustainable. 

Please, tell us a little about ecoegg

ecoegg’s refillable Laundry Egg is the ultimate breezy addition to your sustainable laundry routine. Containing non-bio, refillable detergent pellets, it completely replaces detergent and fabric softener. Not only that, but you never need to buy a plastic detergent bottle again! Simply pop your egg on top of your clothes in the drum of your washing machine and press start.

Little in size but large in value, the Laundry Eggs lasts 70 washes, which means it costs just 14p per wash (roughly half the price of detergent pods!). Not only that, but the Laundry Egg is perfect for cold washes.  It’s proven to be effective in temperatures as low as 15C.

We are also very proud of our detergent pellet formula. It is designed to be gentle on sensitive skin. Furthermore, it has fewer nasties than traditional detergents.

Our Laundry Egg formula contains no enzymes, chlorine bleaches, phosphates, parabens, SLS/SLES or palm oil. Therefore, you have fewer harsh chemicals going down your drains. Not only that but it’s not tested on animals and is suitable for vegans.

ecoegg's laundry egg - kind to your skin and the planet
ecoegg's laundry egg - kind to your skin and the planet

Finish off Laundry Day with the special egg-shaped dryer balls, which reduce drying time by up to 28% and lightly fragrance your clothes, saving you energy and money on your bills! 

Why is sustainability important to you?

Sustainability is at the forefront of our core values. We believe the plastic problem can be solved if we all pull together on a global scale… for us, this starts in the laundry basket. 

Reducing plastic usage is our main initiative. In 2021, 55.8% of UK plastic packaging waste was not recycled ( So, even if detergent bottles are recyclable, it doesn’t mean we can rely on everyone to pop them in the recycling bin.

Our egg cases are refillable with detergent pellets boxed in FSC sustainably sourced card. Due to this we completely eliminate the demand for plastic detergent bottles… and the reliance on consumers to recycle them.

Recycling itself is also an energy-consuming process, so we are not only reducing the demand for plastic but also the emissions produced from recycling.

ecoegg's detergent pellets are kind to your skin and to the planet
ecoegg's detergent pellets are kind to your skin and to the planet

The egg case comes with a 10-year guarantee, meaning you can refill your egg again and again for years to come. Simply put – never buy a plastic detergent bottle again!

Why did you decide to collaborate with Play It Green?

We want to make climate–positive practices in everyone’s home, the new normal.

With the ambitious (and rightly so) pledges from the COP27 to achieve net zero by 2040, it is important to follow through with the initiative so our Earth and everyone in it is taken care of. It is up to both individuals and businesses to push forward and enable change. We need to do this to confidently achieve the target year for net zero emissions. 

Play It Green aligns with this net zero value and we admire the transparency of the business. Businesses are able to view the impact of their investment with Play It Green; Chris and his team are great supporters to help businesses achieve climate positivity.

ecoegg dryer balls, which reduce drying time by up to 28%
ecoegg dryer balls reduce drying time by up to 28%

What’s big at ecoegg at the moment?

This year has really been about finding more eco alternatives for everyone to have in their household.

Our eggquarters have been very busy bees launching various exciting new products.

From the fab and fresh 4 new fragranced Laundry Eggs to the Stain Remover with a bottle made entirely from Prevented Ocean Plastic. We have also reintroduced the ever-popular Laundry Egg for whites + lights.

Safe to say, the gates have opened and there are even more sustainable, affordable eco alternatives for laundry day here! 



For more information about ecoegg, visit

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