Exciting Green News: 18th September 2023

Exciting Green News: Introduction

Exciting Green News! Every Monday, Play It Green delivers a weekly dose of sustainability inspiration. Our stories showcase actions that are reshaping businesses for the better. Curious about the latest green innovations? Wondering how small changes can create big impacts? Join us in exploring the exciting journey towards a greener world. Dive into today’s eco news for actionable insights and inspiring success stories.

Let’s ignite change together! Read on for inspiration and be part of the eco-revolution.

Exciting Green News: Renewable Energy Shows Remarkable Benefits

A recent report by the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) delivers a powerful message. The global power sector witnessed remarkable benefits from renewables in 2022, resulting in a staggering USD 520 billion in fuel cost savings. 

This impressive reduction in costs was primarily attributed to the growing competitiveness of renewable energy sources, even amidst the fossil fuel price crisis. Astonishingly, 86% of the newly installed renewable capacity in 2022 proved to be more cost-effective than fossil fuel-generated electricity. This achievement shows the important role of cost-competitive renewables in addressing energy and climate.

IRENA’s Director-General, Francesco La Camera, passionately emphasised the urgency of scaling up renewable energy deployment. Remarkably, the global average cost of electricity from various renewable sources saw reductions in 2022. Solar PV costs decreased by 3%, onshore wind by 5%, and other renewables like bioenergy and geothermal by double-digit percentages.

Exciting Green News Renewables delivered billions in savings in 2022
Renewables delivered billions in savings in 2022

Over the past decade, solar and wind power have become competitive with fossil fuels without subsidies. Solar PV costs plummeted by 89%, and onshore wind dropped by 69%. Furthermore, the report highlights how renewables can shield consumers from fossil fuel price volatility, prevent supply shortages, and enhance energy security. Read on for more exciting green news!

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Exciting Green News: Sweden Creates Wood City in Stockholm

Stockholm Wood City, a ground-breaking project in the beautiful city of Stockholm, Sweden, is transforming urban development with sustainable wood construction. This initiative aligns perfectly with Stockholm’s commitment to becoming fossil fuel-free by 2040. The Wood City project aims to construct a city using mass timber, an engineered wood known for its strength and durability. 

Beyond its structural advantages, it significantly reduces emissions associated with construction materials by up to 26.5%, contributing to climate mitigation efforts.

Anticipated for completion in 2027, Stockholm Wood City will claim the title of the world’s largest wooden city. Furthermore, it’s set to exemplify sustainability and energy efficiency, featuring diverse structures and lush green spaces. Also, prioritising sustainable mobility to foster a sense of community and environmental awareness.

One remarkable aspect of this project is its carbon sequestration potential. Amazingly it has the ability to capture up to 1.3 million tonnes of carbon dioxide over its lifetime. This is thanks to wood’s carbon-negative properties. In contrast, traditional concrete and steel cities emit carbon dioxide during production.

Exciting Green News Sweden's wooden city is a global example of innovation
Sweden's wooden city is a global example of innovation

Stockholm Wood City stands as a global example, showcasing how to integrate nature and reduce carbon emissions. Furthermore, it promotes healthy living environments through wood construction. It’s a testament to the possibility of achieving both sustainability and economic growth, setting a standard for cities worldwide. Discover more exciting green news as we delve into more sustainable innovations!

Exciting Green News: Building with Mushrooms is Nearly Here

The University of Newcastle introduces a ground-breaking innovation in construction – mycelium concrete, or mycocrete. Incredibly, this low-carbon building material offers a promising solution to the environmental challenges posed by traditional concrete. Scarily, concrete contributes to a staggering 8% of global greenhouse gas emissions.

The production of conventional concrete relies on fossil fuels, requires extensive sand and gravel mining and uses huge amounts of water. Recently, efforts to reduce concrete’s environmental impact have included kiln efficiency improvements and exploring alternatives like mass timber. However, mycocrete, a mycelium-based construction material, presents a promising alternative.

While mycocrete remains in its early stages of development, it offers a glimpse into a greener future for construction. The construction industry must adapt and invest in new equipment to accommodate mycelium concrete production. Nevertheless, prototypes like the “BioKnit” project demonstrate its potential.

Exciting Green News Mycocrete has the potential to massively reduce concrete's footprint
Mycocrete has the potential to massively reduce concrete's footprint

Dr Jane Scott envisions using mycelium concrete with biobased materials such as wool, sawdust, and cellulose to transform architectural spaces. All while reducing construction’s environmental impact. Mycocrete marks a revolutionary step towards sustainable building practices. Exciting green news from Newcastle University innovating and inspiring – bravo!

That’s a Wrap

This week’s exciting green news certainly delivers on its promise! Billions saved using renewable energy, a city made of wood and a revolutionary concrete made of mushrooms! In a time when innovation is key, it’s great to see that positive change is happening all around!

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