EZ Hampers joins forces with Play It Green

New Partnership

The Manchester-based, luxury award-winning hamper company, EZ Hampers has joined the Play It Green community and is now educating and engaging its team with its new climate-positive workforce.

The company will use our carbon reduction support to reduce their footprint and our marketing content to engage its customers and stakeholders.

We caught up with their amazing founder, Lisa Storey to find out more about her business, why they joined Play It Green’s community and what the future holds for the company.

Please, tell us about EZ Hampers

We are a family-run business and through our background in nursing and the medical profession, we understand that as we emerge from the pandemic, we need to look after each other and show we care for each other.

Our mission is to create hampers that cater to everyone so there is minimal waste while using recyclable materials to package our hampers.

We want to reinforce the message of sustainability through our products and hampers.

We try to source from local and sustainable brands to ensure we are reducing our carbon footprint.

Not only this but we make our own candles using things like coffee cans and empty alcohol bottles.

EZHampers believes in giving with intent, and that sustainable practices and ethical sourcing can be integrated into any business, small or large.

Why is sustainability important to you?

We are aware of the great need to reduce the use of plastics being used in everyday life, which means our company uses cardboard hampers that can be recycled.

Even the tape we use to wrap up our hampers is biodegradable and eco-friendly.

Why did you join Play It Green?

It allows our business to take another step towards sustainability and being more environmentally friendly.

We love that this company not only plants trees but supports those in the local community where our Ez Hampers Garden resides by offering employment to those who otherwise might not have had the opportunity.

As well as donating 10% of our subscription to a charity of our choice, which we selected to be WWF.

Our love of the environment and animals is able to flourish through supporting Play it Green.

What does the future hold for EZ Hampers?

Our mission is to make zero-waste gift-giving accessible to everyone.

We believe that every company should feel responsible for the impact of their products and packaging.

Change doesn’t happen overnight, so we’ve set out a clear path that will see our company being 100% plastic free by 2023.

That’s why we offer biodegradable packaging, reusable hampers, and products that are ethically sourced.

EZ Hampers designs and creates beautiful, thoughtful and sustainable hampers.

We aim to be the gift that minimises as much waste as possible.

We will continue to strive to make our output of products as environmentally friendly as possible.


Richard Dickson, Play It Green’s Co-Founder said:

“With the festive season just around the corner, individuals and businesses are looking for gifts to give.

EZ Hampers offers the opportunity to give a low-impact, high-quality gift that means so much more.

I love how Lisa and the team works and welcome them to our amazing community of change-making businesses.”


Play It Green helps people and businesses to lower their footprints on a gentle, yet impactful journey of sustainable change, whilst having a positive environmental and social impact on the way.

We provide everything needed to engage and educate your team and customers and all the tools to measure and reduce your business footprint, including carbon reduction plans, net zero, marketing support and more.

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