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Play It Green member, EZ Hampers is a luxury award-winning hamper company based in Manchester, UK, with nationwide delivery options. They specialise in creating bespoke and sustainable hampers tailored to various dietary needs. The company prides itself on offering a stress-free gift-giving experience. 

They believe in the power of sustainability and ensure that their gifts align with different dietary requirements. EZ Hampers offers a diverse range of hampers suitable for occasions ranging from corporate thank-yous to family celebrations. Customers can customise their hampers to suit specific preferences, making each gift truly unique.  

With a commitment to quality and sustainability, EZ Hampers has established itself as a trusted provider of premium hampers in the UK. Customers include companies like Natwest, Wecovi, Britannia Anchor, and several well-known solicitors. We caught up with founder Lisa Storey to find out more about EZ Hampers. 

Please, tell us about EZ Hampers in your own words.

At EZ Hampers, we specialise in curating bespoke, sustainable gift hampers that prioritise people and the planet. We cater for corporate and personal gifts for all occasions, delivering throughout the UK. We are committed to sustainability in every aspect of our business. Our hamper packaging and the products within are sourced from environmentally and socially conscious companies. Not only that, but everything is crafted from eco-friendly materials. The majority of our products are locally sourced and are from small businesses, ensuring that your gift can’t be found on the high street shelves.  Many of our products also contribute to charitable causes and support the broader community.


EZ Hampers produce award winning sustainable hampers catering to all tastes
EZ Hampers produce award winning sustainable hampers catering to all tastes

Inclusivity is fundamental to us, and we strive to make our hampers accessible to everyone. That’s why we accommodate all allergies, dietary preferences, and religious requirements, ensuring that no one is left out of the joy of receiving a thoughtful hamper from us.

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Why is sustainability important to you?

As a retail business, and as individuals living on this planet, we believe that we have an ethical responsibility to protect the wellbeing of the environment. We also need to protect the people currently impacted by the climate crisis. It’s a global issue that impacts us all, and we have an obligation to preserve the planet’s biodiversity and natural beauty.

Why did you decide to sign up to Play It Green?

We made the decision to partner with Play It Green just over a year ago. The reason is that we were drawn to their commitment to sustainability through their simple and effective approach: reduce, repair, and regive.

Their ethos resonates with our own values and dedication to protecting the environment.

For just £5 a month, Play It Green has provided us with a range of valuable services that have supported our sustainability goals. We also believe in supporting like-minded local, sustainable businesses like Play It Green.

We’re proud that through our subscription, we’ve planted so many trees and have helped contribute to different charitable causes.

EZ Hamper Chocolate and Wine Hamper is a great sustainable gift
EZ Hamper Chocolate and Wine Hamper is a great sustainable gift

What’s big for EZ Hampers at the moment?

Christmas! We’re now taking personal and corporate hamper orders for the festive season. We have a plethora of new and exciting holiday products, as well as our well-beloved classics from last year.

We’re also working diligently towards our annual Christmas Open Day, where we invite our valued customers and potential clients to join us in celebrating the holiday spirit.

This year promises to be the most joyful yet, with special snacks, exclusive offers, and the chance to explore our expanded range of sustainable gift hampers!

What does the future hold for Ez Hampers?

We’re currently on track towards being plastic-free by the end of 2023! We also plan to continue to support local small businesses, and to grow as a business both in scale and in our positive impact. Next year, we hope to offer apprenticeships to individuals from our local community to provide new career opportunities to young people.



For more information about EZ Hampers, you can visit their website, give them a call on 0161-660-6118 or email lisa@ezhampers.co.uk.

Remember, Christmas is just around the corner and what better way to celebrate than with a sustainable gift from EZ Hampers?

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