Floods in Pakistan and Supporting Social Issues

The devastating floods in Pakistan, that have submerged  a third of the country, highlights many things, including how climate change continues to affect huge numbers of people, brings mind blowing costs and very much shapes our society, news and actions. Thankfully there continue to be many good people and organisations out there making a difference and we are happy to shine a light on them. 


The floods have directly affected 33 million people in Pakistan and for the recent heatwave in the United States 100 million people were advised to stay indoors and the wildfires across the world in 2022 have affected many more. Without question climate change is a global issue. 


The financial numbers are big too, with the International Monetary Fund approving a $1.2bn loan for Pakistan this week and the countries planning minister estimating the floods have caused at least $10bn (£8.5bn) of damage. 


Huge funds are not just going into recovery programmes but preventative ones too. In recent years the New York Major announced the city may need to spent up to $10 billion to protect Manhattan from rising sea levels and establish a climate focused infrastructure. Other coastal areas such as San Diego, New Orleans, Tokyo, Mumbai and Guangzho are all looking at this.

It is our love of people that is a strong emotional driver for action on climate change as nobody wishes to see people suffering and that is why Play It Green took the decision always pass on 10% of all subscriptions and sales to good causes of each members choice. 


Climate change causes social issues and it is important these are supported. Within 15 months of operating Play It Green has passed on vital funds to sixteen separate charities covering many societal issues. 


Play It Green has passed funds onto the WWF, Birmingham Childrens Hospital Charity, Weston Park Cancer Charity, Shelter, Sea Shepherd U.K, Devon Air Ambulance Trust, Malvern Hills Foodbank, Active Cheshire, North West Air Ambulance, Winstons Wish, The Children’s Air Ambulance, AKT, DEC, Edwards Trust, Parkinson’s, Woodlands Trust and the MND Association.


Once signed up to Play It Green, members are free to choose any good cause of their choice and then we spend 14 days making sure it is a bona-fide charity, sports organisation or educational establishment. Our definition of a good cause. 

Play It Green is not alone in passing on funds to good causes, indeed many of our members such as Ikonic, Convenzis and Pre Loved Kilo raise a lot of funds for charity.


For the recovery efforts in Pakistan we are proud to shine a light on people and organisations who are taking action. The countries former prime minister, cricketer and current Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan is driving national fundraising efforts with a domestic telethon.


Many individuals such as Arslan Qurban in Stoke-on-Trent and Shan Riz in Northwood have felt compelled to set up their own fundraising pages on Crowdfunder.


Longstanding UK charity Islamic Relief led by Chairman Dr Ihab Saad and Vice Chair Nurhayati Hassan, are also driving a huge fundraising programme for the flood victims along with other charities such as Benefit Mankind. 


Here at Play It Green we have a 3 step solution to climate change that helps everyone. We help people and businesses to reduce their carbon footprint and make an environmental and social impact whilst on this journey through trees being planted and 10% going to a good cause of your choice.

A simple £5 a month subscription would provide you with lots of weekly tips, tools and discounts to help lower your footprint and create behaviour change. Whilst on this journey this same £5 will also help plant 13 trees per month in your name and pass on vital funds to a good cause of your choice. This could even be a relief fund for the people of Pakistan.


All our actions matter and through our collective efforts we really do make an impact. Do so today and join Play It Green. Wish to find out more, just leave your details and we’ll get back to you within 48hours. 

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