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Since joining the Play It Green community in March 2023, Focus 5 Recruitment has accelerated its sustainability journey. Not only that, but the company has planted an amazing 2018 trees and gifted nearly £90 to their chosen charity, Mind. This week our member-in-focus article gives you the lowdown on our fantastic member, Focus 5 Recruitment.

Focus 5 Recruitment: Introduction

How often do you hear people talk in a complimentary manner about recruiters? Honestly? Not often is it?! 

Historically regarded as one of the most untrustworthy professions in the market. With that in mind, Focus 5 wanted to turn this on its head and prove that recruitment can be done ‘nicely’!

Focus 5 Recruitment The Focus 5 team shows that recruitment can be done nicely!
The Focus 5 team shows that recruitment can be done nicely!

Founded in 2019, Chris McCarthy had been in recruitment in the tech sector in Manchester for over 20 years. Chris felt that recruitment could surely be done in a friendlier & less antiquated way. 

Fiona, his wife, joined him in 2020 & together they have weathered the pandemic. Not only that but they have grown their team to 6 people, so far & even managed to stay married! 😉

Focus 5 Recruitment: Services

Focus 5 concentrates on filling tech, data, sales, creative & marketing roles and working with companies from Edinburgh to London.

The Focus 5 way is to prove that recruitment CAN be done nicely – no aggressive sales techniques and no pushy sales consultants.

Responses are given to everyone they have contact with and absolutely no square peg-round holing anyone into a job just for the sake of making a quick fee.

They are simply a mature group of people helping like-minded companies build their teams to achieve mutual success.

Focus 5 Recruitment: Values

Focus 5 live & operate by their 5 values:

  • Flexibility – They want to work in a manner that fits with real people & their real lives.
  • Opportunity – They want to offer an opportunity to everyone they work with – their team, their clients & their candidates.
  • Community – They want to give back, help and donate money or their time where they can.
  • Unique – They want to find the most interesting & unique opportunities out there in the marketplace for everyone they work with.
  • Success – They want success for their team, their clients & their candidates.

With a strapline of ‘Specialist Recruitment for growing tech & digital businesses…just done nicely!’, they are keen to follow this ethos through every stage of the recruitment process.

Focus 5 Recruitment: Clients & Impact

A lot of recruitment agencies shy away from working with smaller or start-up companies due to the assumption that there will not be money in the business to pay their fees.

Being a small company, Focus 5 doesn’t see why these smaller companies should be disregarded and want to help them.

They offer different free services and advice to help these companies on their journey to growth. As they say, ‘If you can be nice, why would you not be?’

For every placement that is made, Focus 5 donates an amount to their ongoing charity partner Manchester MIND.

This is a long-term relationship they hold very dear to them.

They are also on their sustainability journey and so LOVE being partnered with Play It Green


Fiona McCarthy, Director, Focus 5 Recruitment

“As soon as we heard about Play It Green, we just knew we had to partner with them. Working with like-minded companies is extremely important to us and everything about Play It Green shone out to us. We are on our journey to educate ourselves fully and reduce our carbon footprint and Play It Green is the perfect partner to help us to do this.”

Focus 5 Recruitment Director, Fiona McCarthy
Focus 5 Recruitment Director, Fiona McCarthy

Richard Dickson, Co-Founder Play It Green

I was so impressed with Fiona and Focus 5’s attitude towards doing business and they certainly do things a ‘better way’. The fact that Play It Green is now helping the company and its team on their journey of sustainability education and footprint reduction is brilliant. It’s also amazing that we can give 10% of the revenue they provide us with back to Mind, their nominated regiving partner.”

Play It Green Founder, Richard Dickson
Play It Green Founder, Richard Dickson

If you’re passionate about sustainability and want to take your efforts to the next level, we encourage you to join the Play It Green community. 

For just £5 per month, you’ll have access to a supportive network of like-minded individuals and resources to help you make even more sustainable choices in your daily and working life. 

As well as that you will plant lots of trees and regift to a charity of your choice. Together, we can create a brighter and more sustainable future for all.

Be part of the Climate Solution

Join Play It Green for £5 per month
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